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10 minutes with…Raw Bake Station

We chat to Evie, founder of Raw Bake Station, the all raw and vegan snack bar company, who recently launched cookies into shops across the UK…

Raw Bake Station

How did the Raw Bake Station begin?

I founded Raw Bake Station 4 years ago, in my mother’s kitchen to her enjoyment! Having started creating my raw/vegan goodies as a hobby to satisfy my own sweet tooth, it seems crazy to think we are now stocked all over the UK. I first began selling my treats in my friend’s local juice bar, and they were a hit – customers were personally getting in touch to find out if they could buy in bigger bulk. It was this that inspired me to try a few more local juice and coffee bars…

My mum was my chauffeur at the time and drove me to my first official stockist to drop in some samples and so of course, I politely asked her to park down the road – no-one wants to be seen getting out their parents car at 21 – highly unprofessional (*laughing*). It all went from there – I started hitting up more stockists and slowly started growing a name for myself around the North West.

What drew you to making raw vegan bakes?

It all stirred from my travels. I’ve always been into health and fitness and struggled with a devilish sweet tooth! My main concern was around consuming foods that were packed full of chemicals and addictive so when I came across raw and vegan workshops in Australia, I was all over it! I was fascinated with the idea of creating AMAZING treats without all the ‘nasties’ that present themselves in everyday sweet treats and the fact it was all RAW – well, I was blown away.

Raw Bake Station’s cookie range, including vanilla choc chip, orange chocolate and salted double choc.

What’s your absolute favourite recipe to make?

My favourite recipe would be the banoffee slice, you can find the recipe here – they are the ding dong best! Out of my 8 products, I would say the cookies are now my new fave!

What do you enjoy doing the most at Raw Bake day-to-day?

I LOVE hearing from my following. It fills me with so much joy when I see people share photos of their Raw Bake purchases – makes it all worth it! I would say sales and marketing is my favourite side of things. I love being creative and I’m very good at “woo’ing” people with my goodies.

We love your Instagram! Where do you find inspiration for content?

Thank you! I’m very proud of it too. Inspiration for content usually comes when brainstorming what we like and then we adapt it to make it vegan and raw. As I mentioned, being a sweet tooth soul means it’s easier to think up new recipe creations because I’m always thinking “hmmm I used to love wagon wheels… ooo let’s recreate them!” As for the other content, I would say it’s a reflection of my personality – I try to keep everything positive!

Raw Bake Station

How have you found starting a business so young? 

I love it! I love it because I’m doing what I want to do every day and it never feels like work. It is hard though and starting out young, sometimes it’s a struggle to get people to take you seriously enough but I’ve got there! I think the younger you are, the more daring you’re willing to be because it’s all so new and exciting! There are times it is very challenging, being a sole founder can be very lonely at times but if you keep a close network of friends/business contacts, it really helps.

Any tips for aspiring young women looking to take a similar leap?

→ Well.. you’ve only got one life, so give it a shot. Better to live a full life having given things your best rather than a life of regrets.

→ If you’re wanting to start a business do what you LOVE, not just because of a trend. It’s your passion for something that will keep you going through the hard times.

→ Reach out to people in the same industry as you that are a bit further along. People are willing to help so don’t be scared to ask! (This has  HUGELY benefited me)

→ Have some structure in place and set boundaries for work and rest time.

→ Although we are all fabulous, there will be some people who are better at things than you are! Don’t try to do everything yourself

→ Learn to give out some responsibility.

Where do you see Raw Bake Station in the future?

Well – our vision is to be the leading free from snack brand so watch this space! We are launching with a supermarket in April (hush hush) so soon our goodies will be more accessible for everyone. It’s an exciting time for us and we are forever grateful for the support we receive daily.

Find out more about Raw Bake Station and their lovely bakes on their website and find them on Instagram @rawbakestation.

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