Published On: Fri, Jan 10th, 2020

A sponge cake that is a little too realistic?

A sponge cake has been created in Japan that is a literal sponge – that’s right, the washing up kind!

Professional animator and amateur baker Takahiro Shibata shared his creation online. He said he wanted to create a realistic “sponge” cake, and he seems to have succeeded!

He was inspired by other bakers in his neighbourhood, “I saw original Christmas cakes in the town last year. I thought, ‘I would like to try it.”

He shared his cake on Twitter, and “when I baked green and yellow sponge cake and put them on top of each other, it looked more like a sponge than I ever imagined”.

Reactions to the cake have varied, from being impressed by Shibata’s skills, to being a little grossed out. “No matter how I try, my brain cannot accept that it’s food,” says one commentator. While others thought “the cream looks like soap bubbles”.

As one user aptly put it, “Imagine watching someone eating this, not knowing it was cake…” An image we can’t help but laugh at!

Translations via Japan Today

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