Baking Guide to Sugar

Read our guide to sugar to find out more about which sugar should be used for which bake! This guide explains their differences...

Read our guide to sugar to find out more about which sugar should be used for which bake!

With the sugar aisle bursting with varieties, knowing which to use in your baking can be hard. This guide explains their differences, so you can produce the tastiest bakes...

How sugar is produced

Ever wondered how sugar is actually produced? Here Billington's talk us through the process from cane field to your local shop shelf... Grow
Firstly, the sugar cane is grown on the island of Mauritius. The crop was introduced by Dutch colonists, who imported it from Java. Cut
The sugar cane is cut by hand, using machetes, before being sent to a local sugar mill to be shredded and pressed to remove the juice.
Produce Sugar Syrup
This juice is clarified to remove any insoluble matter and then evaporated to produce a sugar syrup. This sugar syrup is then crystallised. Wash
The sugar crystals are washed to produce a different type of sugar with each washing, with a higher percentage of molasses, and a darker sugar, being left with each wash.
The sugar is then packed in Mauritius and sent over to the UK to be sold as Billington’s Unrefined Cane Sugar.

Different Types of Sugar

Golden Granulated Golden Granulated Golden granulated sugar is ideal for everyday use in tea and coffee, or even for sprinkling over fruit or porridge, while adding in a touch of molasses flavour. It has large crunchy granules, lighter in colour than demerara, with a lighter caramel flavour. Golden Caster Golden caster sugar is a fine, dry sugar and perfect for everyday bakes. With a gentle caramel tone, golden caster sugar adds a deeper flavour to your sponge cakes and biscuits. Demerara The one for coffee lovers and crumbles, demerara sugar adds a delicious caramelised finish. Larger sugar crystals and a richer caramel flavour makes demerara sugar great for dissolving in coffee or caramelising on top of crumbles and crème brulees.
Light Muscovado Excellent in cookies and fudge, this lighter muscovado sugar still has plenty of molasses in it to provide a beautiful caramel colour and taste. With a moist texture, honey colour and fudge flavour, this sugar is perfect to compliment the flavour of your bakes. Dark Muscovado The word muscovado means ‘middle of the barrel’: this sugar sits above the sticky molasses sugar, so still has very high molasses content, but is just slightly lighter. Dark muscovado sugar’s deep colour and flavour makes it perfect for chocolate cakes and brownies. Molasses The richest and darkest sugar, this has the highest molasses content and a deep treacle flavour profile. This is perfect for Christmas cake, sticky toffee pudding and BBQ sauces.
Billington’s unrefined sugars are produced at source to lock in the sugar cane’s natural molasses. This gives Billington’s its aroma, depth of flavour and colour. The ethically sourced sugars have made an important difference to Mauritius’s cane-producing communities and are traded fairly. Find out more at

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