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Getting a bake just right comes down to the little details and it’s our mission to make all your bakes perfect with these essential tips, ideas and tools.

How do I stop caramel from burning?

As soon as the caramel reaches the right temperature, dunk the saucepan into cold water – if you merely take it off the hob, residual heat is  enough to take your caramel from a perfect golden brown to burnt.

Prevent curdling

Make sure your eggs are at room temperature before adding them to creamed sugar and butter – this will stop the mixture from curdling due to the butter becoming cold.

Make Your Own – Rice Krispies sculptures

Creating decorative sculptures for your cakes from Rice Krispies Treats is becoming really trendy, as they’re easy to work with and taste great too.

To make your own, combine equal quantities of marshmallows and Rice Krispies with 1 tbsp margarine in a glass bowl in the microwave. Put the marshmallows in first, and as they’re heated they expand upwards and envelop the Rice Krispies. Leave to cool to hand temperature, then you’re ready to create shapes!

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Truth behind the term - Creaming

Usually referred to when making cakes, creaming is the term used to beat one or more ingredients (most often butter, sugar and eggs), until the mixture is smooth and fluffy. This is what gets the air into your mixture.


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