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Marriage's Millers source the best wheat, much of it from farmers within 30 miles of Chelmer Mills, the Marriage family continue the tradition today.

W & H Marriage & Sons Ltd has been milling flour in Essex since 1824.

Marriage’s Millers was founded by twins William and Henry nearly 200 years ago. Today the fifth and sixth generations of the Marriage family continue the milling tradition. They source the best wheat, much of it from farmers within 30 miles of Chelmer Mills, including their own arable farms. Their flour is produced using a combination of the traditional techniques we have trusted for generations and the best modern milling technology. Harvesting on Marriage family farm Marriage’s home baking range has won 40 Great Taste Awards and includes organic, speciality and stoneground flours, for making bread, cakes, pastry and pizza. Marriage’s flour is available from Ocado, Abel & Cole, www.flour.co.uk and health food stores and farm shops nationwide. Marriage's flour in hand Here are some of our tips for making the perfect loaf at home:
  • Ensure you use exact amounts of ingredients - digital kitchen scales are a good investment
  • Kitchen temperature is important. A warm environment is required for making your dough and for it to rise. A large plastic storage container with a lid – big enough for the dough to expand inside - is useful
  • In the summer, water temperature should be tepid and in the winter, water should be warmer, as dough temperature will be reduced by contact with colder kitchen work surfaces. A smooth dough at approximately 30°C is desirable
  • If using a dough hook, 10 minutes mixing is ample; over-developing the dough can lead to ‘sagging’ and the loaf won’t rise
  • Keep dough out of drafts when resting and proving to ensure that the dough doesn’t develop a skin (this will hamper the moulding process). A plastic container with a lid will protect dough when resting and proving
  • Steam is key to making a crusty loaf – place a heatproof dish in the oven bottom for 5 minutes. Place the loaf in the middle shelf, add ¼ cup of water (or a handful of ice cubes) to the dish, before shutting the door
  • Bread dough can be frozen after shaping, within an oiled plastic bag. This will normally last about a month. Fresh yeast can also be placed in an airtight container in the freezer for up to a month
Dressing Marriage's mill stones

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Web: www.flour.co.uk  -  Twitter: @marriages_flour  -  Facebook: MarriagesFlour

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