Let's get jamming': jam making is back and it's here to stay

Thermapen have teamed up with Mary Cadogan, food writer and author of 18 cookery books, to put together some top jam making tips:

As a nation, the British people love to bake. Largely inspired by the much adored Great British Bake Off, the programme has sparked something of a great British baking revolution.
But, among the hype of baking; jam making has made something of a comeback. The old-time British tradition is making its move from the preserve of the Women’s Institution and fast becoming the latest foodie fashion among our favourite baking influencers. Whilst we’re sure you know how to make classic jam, have you ever thought about jam with a twist? We’re thinking roasted greengage and bay, strawberry and cardamom, or fig and orange flower! Or how about adding a touch of black pepper, some earl grey tea or even a splash of artisan gin? Jam making might seem complicated, but it’s surprisingly simple and only requires a few ingredients and some handy tips. A crucial part of the jam making process is to ensure that your jam sets to the correct temperature. So, it’s key to ask the question: “Is It Cooked?” With the help of the SuperFast Thermapen digital thermometer, featuring a reduced tip probe for easy measurement and providing an accurate temperature reading in just three seconds, you can be confident your jam has set to perfection. What’s more, to inspire bakers to get creative in the art of jam making this summer, Thermapen have teamed up with Mary Cadogan - food writer and author of 18 cookery books - to put together some top jam making tips: 1. Pick under-ripe fruit. It’s a misconception that you can use squishy, out of date fruit for making jam. Once fruit becomes over ripe, it loses much of the acid that is essential for making a great jam. 2. Cook in small batches. While cooking huge batches of your trademark flavoured jam may feel productive, nobody wants the inevitable, 20 jars of forgotten jam at the back of the cupboard. Cook your jam in small batches, maybe a few small jars at a time, experimenting with different flavours. 3. Invest in a Superfast Thermapen 4. Taking out the guesswork will make cooking jam so much easier. Getting your jam to the right temperature to set is crucial so using Thermapen’s newest thermometer will ensure your jam is cooked to perfection. The SuperFast Thermapen is a kitchen essential for many well-known chefs, but it’s also becoming a must-have gadget for the everyday household. It can be used to perfect dishes of all varieties from jams and preserves, to breads, sauces, barbequed meats, tempered chocolate and confectionery. So, let’s forget about those sugar laden commercial products and instead get experimenting with some unique and surprising flavours to add to your jam this summer. With a little help from a SuperFast Thermapen thermometer you’ll be just about “set” for the Great British Jam Off.
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