Useful Printable Baking Guides

Want to know how to split ingredients in half? Or what to substitute an ingredient with? These guides are visual and perfectly printable so you can stick it in your recipe book and refer to it whenever you need to.

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Discover all the different kinds of sugar that will make your baking perfect, this guide describes everything about that sugar from it's texture and colour to it's common use.

From Heather Hardison

Baking without Eggs

Clue up with this clever substitutions from Muffin Paradise.


Conversion Charts

Check out this handy chart and make maths a little bit simpler.

Download it from P+G Everyday

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Get technical

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Get your temperatures just right to ensure you get the perfect result, it makes all the difference.

From The Cake Blog

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The Perfect Cookie

Make sure you get ultimate cookies with this guide of what different types of ingredients cause the cookie to look like.

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Bake like a pro

Martha Stewart gives her top tips when baking, do these and you'll create cakes worthy of the queen herself.

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File these away and use them to perfect your current baking skills! Continue to give your friends and family even more awesome cakes!

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