Shooting your successes

Caroline Khoo is on hand with her tips on how to capture your bakes in the best light.  
  1. Shoot your subject from different angles to get a feel for the lighting, how you want to tell the story and what your focal point is.
  2. A camera photo stick is such a great tool to have, especially when shooting images to share on social media. It allows you to include your hands in the shot so you can style while you’re taking the picture. This can give shots a more intimate and ‘real-life’ feel. A phone stick will also allow you to make stop-motion videos. An added bonus is that the phone is really stable, so your photos will come out perfectly.
  3. Zooming in allows you to capture images nice and close and gives a different perspective. I love doing this with flowers and intricate cake designs, as it shows so much detail.
  4. Lifting your phone further away is useful when you want to do ‘flat lay’ shots (overhead shots of objects arranged together). Don’t forget to move around and take shots from different angles — the light will change, as will the perspective of the shot.
  5. Taking photographs outside with your phone is a little different, mostly because the light is unfiltered, unlike shots taken indoors where windows, curtains or blinds help filter and control the light. If the weather is slightly grey and dull, use the brightness function on your smartphone camera as well as the saturation and warmth functions (slide the controls up and down until you reach a level of colour you’re happy with). I like to take photos in the Instagram app rather than use the camera function on my phone because I find it much quicker and easier to edit if the brightness needs to be adjusted. This also ensures you fit everything you want in Instagram’s square format so you don’t shoot a regular rectangular image that then needs to be cropped when you’re ready to post it. Also be clear on exactly what it is you’re trying to capture. Is there anything in the picture you can remove or adjust to make the focal point stronger?
Top tip: You may not always get the shot you want on the first try. Move things around, take photos from different angles, group things together and move them apart – you may end up with something that really surprises you!  

Extract taken from I’m Just Here for Dessert by Caroline Khoo (Murdoch Books, £17.99).

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