How to create edible lace decoration

Learn how to create edible lace decoration, a useful technique to have under your belt for a variety of cake decorating projects!

Once you know how, this easy technique can be used to add an elegant touch to any of your cakes!

You will need


  • 100g icing sugar
  • 80g water
  • edible glue


  • confectioners' spreader
  • lace matt


1. Mix 100g sugar for lace with 80g of water.

2. Spread it on a lace mat with a confectioners' spreader lengthwise, crosswise and diagonally and remove excess. Let it dry for at least ten hours.

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3. Peel the sugar from the mat very gently to avoid breaking.

4. With a little bit of edible glue, attach the lace around your dummy or cake of choice.

Last updated 10 months ago

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