How to use Nifty Nozzles by Sugar and Crumbs

Carol McFarland from Sugar and Crumbs explains how preparation is key when using the fabulous Nifty Nozzles.

Need to make intricate and detailed buttercream flowers? Follow our step by steps to adorn the tops of cupcakes or your single tier cake... 

You will need:

500g butter (salted or unsalted)

1kg flavoured icing sugar

1kg plain icing sugar

Milk (optional)

Coloured icing sugar

Nifty Nozzles set

Wilton 352 leaf tip


1 Select your nozzles. Carefully place in to your piping bag ready for filling. You will need four in total.

2 Blend together your buttercream. Use a simple buttercream recipe using 500g butter. It doesn’t matter if it’s salted or unsalted, but do not use margarine, it is too soft.

3 Whip the butter until it is light and fluffy.

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4 Add to the mix a kilo of flavoured icing sugar or a 50/50 mix with plain icing sugar, chop into the butter, and then mix in for 30 seconds.

Carol’s Top Tip!

“With the weather getting colder, your butter is going to be much firmer. You can add to the mix a tablespoon of hot water, or if you prefer milk or condensed milk.”

5 Divide your mixture into four bowls, colour two of them in your preferred colour, one white and one green.

6 Carefully spoon each mixture into your piping bags.

7 Pipe onto each cupcake a base layer of green buttercream.

8 Select your chosen nozzle and piping bag. Hold your cupcake in your preferred hand. Sit the nozzle on the cake and gently squeeze at the same time lifting away by 1cm and releasing.

9 Repeat the previous step a further seven times, alternating between colours.

10 To finish off your cupcake, add in a few leaf tips using your Wilton 352 tip. Remember less is more!


Ta dah! You will have fabulous buttercream flowers in no time. We’ve teamed up with the team at Sugar and Crumbs to offer you an exclusive 20% discount on all sugars, cocoa powders and Nifty Nozzles!

Simply go to and use the code CDSMag20 at the check out.

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