The Versatility of Colour Splash Dusts

We're looking at colouring for every occasion with Colour Splash!

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Here’s how to create a stunning and perfect colour palette of scrumptious chocolate brushstrokes, courtesy of our friends at Colour Splash! Pick up your September issue for more colourful content. Colour Splash Dusts come in an exciting array of colours as well as matte, pearl and metallic finishes. What will you create?! 



Colour Splash Dusts:

Pillar box red


Pale pink

Leaf green


Ocean blue

White cooking chocolate


Cake Star crank palette knife

Sticky tape

Cling film

Plastic chopping board

Microwavable bowl

1in flat paintbrush

1 Melt down the white chocolate and colour six equal portions with your choice of Colour Splash Dusts – we have chosen the colours listed here but of course your creation can be whatever colour you prefer.

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2 Take the chopping board and wrap it in cling film. Use sticky tape to make the cling film tight and flat.

3 Heavily load the paintbrush with chocolate and draw from top to bottom. Load the paintbrush again and repeat if you think the chocolate looks too thin.

4 Continue, making different sizes, and be sure to make extra to allow for breakages as the chocolate will be very fragile when handling. Place in the fridge to set.

5 Once set, use the palette knife to carefully remove the chocolate. Delicately place onto your cake by layering in a fan arrangement and secure using a little melted chocolate.

Heavenly Hellebores

These little beauties were made by Natalie Porter and are quick and simple.

1 Cut one petunia shape with a cutter and vein it.

2 Use some royal icing to pipe dots in the centre.

3 Cut and vein some smaller blossoms, you will need around six larger and six smaller ones per cupcake.

4 Take some lime green Colour Splash Dust and colour the centre of your large flower. Work the colour around one third towards the edge of each petal.

5 Go over the central piped dots with some yellow dust.

6 Use pink dust for the remainder of the petals, applying more dust to the outer edge than the middle.

7 Use a darker pink for the outer edges, by moving the brush from the outside towards the centre, catching only the outer edge.

8 The blossoms are mostly pink with a few lovely green ones to highlight. To colour the pink ones, give a light coating of the pale pink and again apply the darker pink to the outer edge only. Give some of them a yellow centre.

9 Repeat for the green blossom, again using a little yellow to brighten the centre.

10 Use royal icing to attach the flowers to the top of each cupcake.

Rainbow cupcakes

When applying your dust to anything (including the buttercream in this example) do it a small amount at a time to slowly build up the desired colour. This will ensure that you always get the exact shade you want and will guarantee a smooth buttercream mix every time. To create this colourful rainbow effect, we have used three different colours of buttercream. Just add them randomly into your piping bag and away you go!

Be sure to pick up your latest issue of Cake Decoration & Sugarcraft for more amazing colour inspiration, fun and fabulous recipes, delightful decoration and more!

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