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As you should know by now, CD&S only partner with the best in the industry, to bring you incredible content across our brand. We first fell in love with Carol at Sugar & Crumbs when we discovered her on social media. We just know you’ll love her too – she has so much to offer with her know-how. To give you a taste, we’ve asked for her ultimate top tips on ten different cakey areas – enjoy! 

Using sugarpaste 

Don’t overwork or add too much cornflour or icing sugar, if you do you will create air bubbles and elephant skin – and no one wants that!

Working with chocolate  

Stir only with a wooden spoon and never overheat as it will go grainy or split.


Preparation is key! Blend your colours, prepare you bags with nozzles, fill and use as you need them. Also keep a damp cloth covering the end of the nozzle to stop it drying out. 


Creating/working with buttercream

Don’t over-beat buttercream it will go grainy. Beat the life out of the butter until white, add white colour if needed then add icing sugar then only beat for maximum of 30 seconds.

Boosting flavour 

Of course, using our flavoured icing sugars will give you a fantastic flavour choice of over 40 flavours all natural, suitable for diets, dairy free, gluten free, vegetarian and vegan dietary requirements.

Modelling people/characters 

To ensure your models are of equal proportions, weigh specific sections and keep all heads the same weight say 20g, bodies 40g etc… it’s all in the detail!

Creating cake pops 


Save your offcuts of cake, blend with buttercream or ganache, dip you lolly sticks in ganache then into your cake pop, stand on a cake dummy, store in the fridge overnight before you dip in chocolate to decorate. Mmm!

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Creating sugar flowers 

Take your time. Use good tools, quality cutters and foam pads.


Finishing details on a cake 

It’s always an idea to have some thought on the finished look of your cake, an iced board with a ribbon is worth the investment, this will enhance the cake to a far more professional level. Always provide a cake box to transport for your customer as well.


Decorating ‘rules’ 

Keep everything clean - wash hand, tools, everything. Ensure everything is food safe. Preparation is key. Don’t wing it like I do!

So there you have it, readers! Carol's tip top top tips on all things cake. Stay tuned for more projects with our Carol, including Facebook Lives and more magazine content coming your way soon!




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