Using ribbon on cake: your go-to how to!

We've teamed up with our friends at Culpitt to create your go-to how to put ribbon on a cake!

As all seasoned Cake Decoration & Sugarcraft readers will know, one of our most important mantras is:


Knowing how to attach ribbon to cake may seem like a skill that doesn't need much teaching. However, it's a surprisingly tricky technique to master and can easily make or break the final look of your cake. 

Read on for your go-to guide, in association with Culpitt, on how to put ribbon on a cake (which we teased you with in our How to cover a cake with fondant post!), with a guide on how much ribbon you need for a number of sizes of round and square cakes and an simple step-by-step guide, with images included, showing you the perfect way to put ribbon on cake, for the sleekest and chicest of finishes!  

"Ribbons are great way to add a strong colour theme to a simple cake or to give your cakes a really professional looking finish." - Culpitt.


Using ribbon on cake

How much ribbon on cake table


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How to put ribbon on a cake board

Culpitt top tip! "To avoid the danger of colour leaching from the ribbon to your cake, you should always use a ribbon that is suitable for food contact."

1. Most cake boards are 13mm high, so after icing them it’s best to use a 15mm wide ribbon. You could choose to use a 12mm ribbon on an un-iced cake board.

Ribbon on cake board 1

2. Cut the ribbon to the required length. This ribbon is not in direct contact with the cake fix it in place using small pieces of double sided sticky tape at 9–15cm (3-5in) intervals around the board.

Ribbon on cake board 2

3. Always line up the top edge of the ribbon with the top of the board or icing.

Ribbon on cake board 3

4. Starting at the back of the board, wrap the ribbon around the board fixing it as you go. Overlap the final section of the ribbon and fix in place.

Ribbon on cake board 4


How to put ribbon on a cake 

Culpitt top tip! "Most ribbons are porous, so ideally you should only use them on cakes that have been iced with sugarpaste or other firm icings."

1. Cut the ribbon to the required length, using the tables above. Apply a 1cm section of double sided sticky tape to the reverse side of one end of the ribbon. Peel the paper from the other side of the sticky tape.

Ribbon on cake 1

2. Standing behind the cake, loop the ribbon around the base of the tier you want it on and gently pull the ends towards each other until the loop fits snugly around the cake.

Ribbon on cake 2

3. Place the un-taped end of the ribbon next to the cake. Stick the other end of the ribbon on top of it, taking care to ensure that the tape is only touching the ribbon.

Ribbon on cake 3

We should now have answered any and all of your questions to do with ribbon on cake! Whether it's how to attach ribbon to cake, or how to put ribbon on a cake board, we've got you covered!


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