Ask the experts... how do I stop my cupcake liners peeling away once my cupcakes have cooled?

How do I stop my cupcake liners peeling away once my cupcakes have cooled? Our expert has the answers...

Q My cupcakes keep peeling away from their liners once they’ve cooled. What can I do to stop this? When you bake your cupcakes, make sure they are 100% ready before you remove them. You should be able to gently press the top of the cupcake and the cake rebounds immediately when you lift away. Once out of the oven, you need to remove them from the muffin tray immediately and place them on a cooling rack. This is very important, as it allows the air to circulate and stops condensation building up in the cases, which is often why they peel. Opening the oven in the first 10 minutes of baking not only makes cupcakes sink in the middle, but it can contribute to cases peeling. Also, make sure your muffin tin is really dry and clean. If you’ve used poor quality cases, you may find grease marks left in the muffin tin. If you don’t dry this with some paper towel you will find the next cupcakes you bake will peel. Purchase quality cases. Most of the cases you can buy in supermarkets will fade when used or even peel away from the cakes. A good quality case will give you a professional finish. I personally love the white cases from Lakeland. There are many causes for cases peeling, but if you stick to these rules you should find that peeling cases are very few and far between. Shelly BakerAbout our expert:  Shelly Baker is mum to three children and a sugarcraft expert. She works from her studio in Swindon, teaching classes in cake decoration. Shelly has won awards and published a cake decorating book on everything from beginner basics to advanced sugar work. Visit online at Whatever your cupcake and baking questions our experts can help. Email your queries to [email protected]

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