Eric Lanlard's Essential Tips For Cupcake Success

Eric Lanlard's golden rules for cupcake success

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Channel 4’s Baking Mad presenter Eric Lanlard shares his essential tips for creating the perfect cupcakes every time...

  •    It is really important that you use an electric hand-held or free-standing mixer to blend the cupcake batter thoroughly so that a loose, glossy mixture is achieved. This will ensure that your cupcakes will be light and fluffy and all the ingredients are mixed together properly, preventing any disasters. •    I always use a piping bag when putting frosting on my cupcakes – you can be a lot more creative and you get a much neater finish. •    Always use the best ingredients – unrefined caster sugar and unsalted butter are a must for all baking needs, and when a recipe calls for vanilla do pay a bit extra for vanilla extract rather than using essence – Nielsen Massey is the best brand on the market, in my opinion! •    Butter, icing sugar and vanilla extract are just three simple ingredients you need to make a traditional frosting for a cupcake, but it will always add a classic finish. •    Be adventurous and experiment with flavours and different fillings, but again ensure that you use the finest quality ingredients. Present the cakes in different cases to add a touch of glamour – I would recommend foil cases as they keep your cakes much fresher for longer. •    Be creative and theme your cupcakes with colour co-ordinated decorations – sugar pearls and sugar flowers always look stunning, and for the kids Smarties, Maltesers, or even sliced fresh fruit work well. Finally a touch of edible glitter dusted over the frosting makes for a decadent finish. 

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