How to... make an Ice Cream Sandwich

Ice cream Sandwich - These sandwiches aren't your average ham and cheese sandwich, they offer an abundance of flavour, sweetness and pure deliciousness!

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These sandwiches aren't your average, they offer an abundance of flavour, sweetness and pure deliciousness! These are the kind of sandwiches we should eat every day (ok maybe not everyday)

1. Catch the right moment
Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches With Vanilla Ice Cream -Photographed on Hasselblad H3D-39mb Camera Warm cookies and ice cream are a dangerous combination, hot and freezing cold food smushed together. It's bound to end up on your lap, right? However get the timing just right and you will have a delicious sandwich. The trick is to make sure that you leave it to the last moment to take the ice cream out the freezer, that's if you are assembling and eating them there and then. Better than that assemble them and freeze them!
2. Chewy and Soft 
They cookie shouldn't be too hard it needs to be chewy and soft so it moulds and bends with the ice cream. Also the ice cream will just pour out the sides if you are struggling to bite through the cookie.
3. Size of the Cookie
Stack of home made ice cream sandwich made with vanilla ice cream and chocolate cookies. When making Ice cream sanwiches, it's tempting to make some extra large ones but the littler the better! Try and make your cookies around the same size as a standard width of an ice cream scoop which is approximately 4cm.
4. Don't go overboard 
The worst thing is putting all your time and effort in these delicious ice cream sandwiches and then tucking in to realise you can't actually fit it in your mouth! Top tip: don't make the cookies too thick! Remember you have two cookies and ice cream in the centre, that's a lot!
5. A balancing act
Finally, when selecting what kind of ice cream and cookies your are going to whip up ensure that one of these elements is not really sweet as it could be a sad sickly story. To make these ice cream sandwiches a success select some savoury, salty or bitter fruity flavours. Maybe try some this chocolate and peanut recipe or this mint and chocolate one!
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