How to take the stress out of organising a children’s birthday party

It’s child’s play – the perfect kid’s birthday party includes musical chairs, a Frozen cake and lasts for an hour and 45 minutes

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It’s child’s play – the perfect kid’s birthday party includes musical chairs, a Frozen cake and lasts for an hour and 45 minutes

A child turning another year older is cause for celebration, but also an expensive and stressful time for parents - from picking the perfect presents to hosting a birthday party for all their friends, and choosing the perfect cake.

Research1 on the party planning habits and stresses of UK parents conducted by All About Cake, the inspiration for all things birthday cake and party related, reveals that 1 in 3 parents are spending an average of £3,600 on their children’s parties throughout their childhood.

It’s no surprise that over half (53%) of parents agree that children’s parties are much more expensive and have more pressure attached to them than when they were little, and a quarter worry about the cost when planning a party for their little one.

Parents spend up to £3,600 on birthday parties throughout their kid’s childhood

Money isn’t the only concern when it comes to party planning, with a third of people admitting that the organisation and success factor of a party causes them worry and stress.  It’s no wonder parents are succumbing to the stress, as despite the help available from friends, family and party planners, half of parents (49%) decide to go it alone when organising the big day.

In fact, planning a child’s birthday party can be cause for a sleepless night, with a fifth (19%) of parents admitting that they have lost sleep when planning their kids party, and as the icing on the cake, a further 1 in 10 admit to falling out with their partner over it.

 A third of adults admit organising birthday parties causes them stress

British parents may also be suffering from birthday party fatigue with a quarter of parents (27%) attending more than one party in a day. Our social media habits also mean that parents now post more than 10 pictures on social media of their kid’s party, and 1 in 10 have created a hashtag specifically for the occasion, meaning it’s not just the guests who can have a (virtual) slice of the party action. 

And it’s not a birthday party without a cake and a ‘happy birthday’ sing-a-long. A quarter (26%) of parents are willing to spend more than £20 on the birthday cake, and 22% believe that cakes are better now than when they were little.

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So how do we take the stress out of organising a children’s party? The research from All About Cake reveals the formula for the perfect birthday party:

Natalie Nairn, brand manager at All About Cake, said: “Planning a birthday party for your child is supposed to be fun and exciting, and it’s worrying that so many parents are feeling stressed and losing sleep rather than enjoying it. Between work and looking after the children and home, parents have enough on their plates without worrying about every element of a birthday party.

“There’s one component that doesn’t need to cause stress – the cake. Supermarkets now have a wide variety of exciting and innovative designs, with the perfect cake for every child, from an extra large Paw Patrol cake to their favourite Disney princess.”

Charlotte Morris, Managing Director at London based children’s party planners Dazzle and Fizz, said: “There is a great deal of pressure on modern parents to deliver a memorable party for their children. With such a wealth of options on the market, planning a children’s party can seem like a minefield. Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram are great platforms for getting party inspiration, and hosting a joint party and sharing the workload is also a great idea for busy parents.”

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1 Survey of 1000 parents undertaken by All About Cake

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