Published On: Thu, Nov 28th, 2019

There’s now a Baby Yoda Cake, and it’s too cute!

Following the reveal of Baby Yoda from a new Disney Plus TV Show, the internet has gone wild for how cute he is

Baby Yoda may have already been adopted by the internet and found a way into our hearts, but now he can also be enjoyed in our stomachs too! A Baby Yoda cake has been created by Natalie Sideserf of Austin’s Sideserf Cakes, based in Austin, Texas.

baby yoda cake

Using stacked round cakes as a base, she then decorated the cake with vanilla buttercream, ivory and light green modelling chocolate and food colouring. The dark life-like eyes were made using edible paper and gelatin!

As shown in her video, Natalie effortlessly sculpted the Baby Yoda cake using a stencil, bamboo skewer, knife and many other sculpting tools.

Once completed, Natalie admitted she didn’t want to cut it: “Usually my favourite part is cutting the cake. But for this cake, it’s so adorable that I’m having a hard time. Eat you, I will.”

Natalie shared a video tutorial, showcasing the cake, which you can view below.


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