Published On: Mon, Sep 16th, 2019

Bee Mini Sandwich Cakes Tutorial

A step-by-step guide to making these adorable bee mini sandwich cakes

The perfect mini morsel for a garden party, these lovely little mini sandwich cakes by Lakeland stack up prettily with their topping of flowers and buzzy bees…

You’ll need to make these mini lemon curd sponge cakes first before you can get decorating!

mini sandwich cakes

Bee Mini Sandwich Cakes

Servings 12
Author Lakeland




  • Lakeland 12-Hole Loose-Based Mini Sandwich Tin
  • 'Get A Grip' piping bags
  • daisy icing cutters
  • Wilton 2D flower nozzle

Step 1 – Bake and buttercream

Start off by making the cake sponges to a recipe of your choice – You’ll need a standard 4-egg mix for the two sponges to make up the bottom tier, and a 2-egg mix for the sponges for the top tier – we used Lakeland lemon curd sponge cakes.

Once cooled, sandwich the paired sponges together with vanilla frosting, crumb-coat both tiers using a palette knife and smooth the edges using a side scraper.

Put in the fridge and leave for 15-20 minutes for the frosting to set.

Step 2 – Fashion the flowers

Roll out the white modelling paste and use the daisy icing cutters to cut out three flowers for the top of each cake.

Roll a little yellow icing into balls, then use edible glue to attach these to the centre of each flower.

Set aside and leave to dry.

Step 3 – Build your bees

To make the bees, roll yellow icing into 12 little balls and shape with your fingers so they’re fatter at one end and narrower at the other.

Roll black icing into thin sausages, then attach around the bodies of your bees using edible glue.

For the wings, cut out small circles of the white modelling paste (you can use the base of a small icing nozzle for this).

Pinch at one side to make a slightly cupped shape, then glue to the bees’ backs and leave to set.

Step 4 – Let the pollination begin…!

Arrange the flowers on top of the icing, then add a bee to each.

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