Published On: Tue, Sep 3rd, 2019

Biscuit 101

Soggy or dry? Too chewy or too crumbly? Grow your skills with our top biscuit baking tips.

As The Great British Bake Off is back tonight with biscuit week, we thought it only fair to share everything that we’ve learnt about biscuits – as well as some links to recipes that you might fancy trying!

Here, we’ve tried to troubleshoot the most common issues faced by the bakers in the tent, and have followed up with some easy yet delicious recipes for you to try out at home.

Troubleshooting tips

Dry biscuits

Suffering from biscuits that seem to suck up all the moisture in your mouth, or biscuits that seem to just lose their shape or crack when you pull them out of the oven? You might be working your dough too much. Biscuit doughs typically need to be kept cool and only worked until all your ingredients are combined.

Misshapen biscuits

Irregularities with a batch of biscuits can be really annoying. Along with watching how long you’re working the dough for, also be mindful to roll the biscuit mix out evenly before cooking. This will help improve general consistency in your biscuit batches and ensures that they all cook at the same rate.

Dough that’s hard to roll out

Dough is a pesky thing, and can really easily stick to the surface your working on or your rolling pin. Keep your dough in the fridge to chill for at least an hour before you roll it out (we promise it works!), and make sure to really, thoroughly flour your surface and rolling pin as you go.

Lumpy or gritty biscuits

Lump and bumps can crop up in any bake – but when you’re combining wet and dry ingredients to make a dough as with biscuits, the risk is that bit higher. Doing all your mixing by hand (rather than using a mixer or dough hook) can do wonders for a truly smooth mix, but most importantly of all, sift all your dry ingredients.

Still struggling with your biscuits?

Don’t be afraid to neaten them up once they’re out of the oven. Trim any untidy edges, cover any burnt spots with icing. Once dunked in a cuppa, all biscuits take on that warming loveliness that’s just good for the soul!

Chocolate Pretzel Biscuits

Biscuit recipes

Ready to take on a new challenge? Give these fantastic biccie recipes a try.

If you found this useful, be sure to keep an eye on our 101 top tip page – more topics coming soon!

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