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Black bean brownies

Black bean brownies recipe by Little Cooks Co

You’ll want to make these black bean brownies again and again! Perfect for bite-sized snacks and for little hands.

Black bean brownies

Fudgy chocolate brownies

Author Little Cooks Co


  • 200 g oat flour
  • 120 ml warm water
  • 80 g black beans (160g cooked weight)
  • 80 g dates
  • 80 g butter or coconut oil
  • 50 g honey (or agave syrup if vegan)
  • 20 g raw cacao powder
  • 20 g cacao nibs
  • 2 tsp vanilla essence


  1. Cover the black beans with water in a saucepan and cook for 50 minutes on a low/medium heat. Boil rapidly for the first 10 minutes. Once cooked, preheat the oven to 180ºC/Gas Mark 4.

  2. Strain the black beans, then add to a blender or food processor with the dates and 120ml (4¼floz) warm water. Whizz for a few seconds until it becomes thick (add a little water if the mix is difficult to blend) – a few lumps are ok!

  3. Transfer to a mixing bowl. Measure 80g (3oz) oat flour and add it to the mixing bowl with the cacao powder.

  4. Next, measure out 50g (1¾oz) of butter or coconut oil and melt on a low heat before adding to the mixture.

  5. Mix thoroughly, then transfer to a baking tray lined with parchment paper. Shape the brownie dough into a 1cm (½in) thick square with a spatula.

  6. Next, make the cookie dough by mixing together the remaining 120g (4¼oz) oat flour, 50g (1¾oz) honey, cacao nibs, vanilla and 30g (1oz) butter or coconut oil (melt as per step 4).

  7. Spread the mix onto your other piece of parchment, fold the paper in half and roll it into the shape of your brownie.

  8. Carefully place it on top of the brownie, and slowly peel off the parchment paper. Gently push the cookie dough into the brownie so it sticks (reshape if needed).

  9. Bake for 15 minutes and cut into small squares once cool enough to touch!

As featured in February 2020 issue of Baking Heaven Magazine

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