Published On: Fri, Jun 1st, 2018

Buttercream lovebirds

Full to bursting with summer vibes, this tutorial will show you how to create this absolutely perfect buttercream lovebirds cake decoration.

Brought to you by Neetha Syam from Buttercream Petals Cake Art School, this tutorial will show you all the tips and tricks you need to get creative with colour. Enjoy!

For the cake:

  • 20cm (8in) double-barrel cake

To Decorate:

  • Pink buttercream (Wilton Rose)
  • Blue buttercream (Wilton Blue)
  • Yellow (Wilton Yellow)
  • Green (Wilton Kelly Green)
  • Brown (Wilton Brown)
  • Red (Wilton Christmas Red/Pink/Orange combination)
  • Uncoloured cream buttercream
  • Wilton Gel Colours


  • Wilton 2D drop-flower piping tip
  • Wilton 352 leaf-piping tip
  • Wilton 4B open-star piping tip
  • PME 32R specialist tube
  • PME 58R petal tube
  • Coupler
  • Piping bags
  • Cocktail sticks
  • Painter’s brush
  • Scissors


1. Crumb coat and cover a 20cm (8in) double-barrel cake using light pink buttercream.

Trace the designs

2. Trace the design on the cake using a cocktail stick. Start off by drawing a few branches and then the birds – an easy technique is to draw a circle for head and a heart shape for body.

TOP TIP: If you prefer to trace the design instead of drawing it freehand, you can make a copy of your chosen design in greaseproof paper and trace it on the cake using a cocktail stick.

Fill the designs

3. Using white buttercream in a piping bag with a hole cut at the end, fill the traced bird design and the branches. Use a painter’s brush to smooth and even out the buttercream.

Pipe the buttercream

4. With various coloured buttercreams in piping bags (all with small holes cut at the end), pipe borders and features to resemble the wings and tail of the bird. In this project, we have used yellow, pink, red, blue and brown coloured buttercream. Use a painter’s brush to smooth the various colours together.

Pipe the foliage

5. Using green buttercream and Wilton 352 nozzle, pipe some leaves along the branches. Place the nozzle at 30-degree angle and apply firm pressure releasing a good amount of buttercream to form a wide base. Gently release the pressure as you reach the desired length for the leaf and stop piping as you pull the nozzle off to form a nicely tapered leaf.

6. Using yellow buttercream and a PME 58R nozzle, pipe some simple flowers. Place nozzle at 30-degree with the narrow tip facing upwards.  Gently apply pressure to form a fan shaped petal, taking special care to keep the centre of the flower at one point.  Repeat the same process to pipe four more petals. With blue coloured buttercream in a piping bag with a hole cut at the end, you can pipe a small dot to form the centre of the flower.

Pipe the blooms

7. Repeat the same process to pipe smaller pink blooms by using PME 32R nozzles.

8. Finish off the cake by piping a border along the cake and small peaks of buttercream on top. You can use Wilton 4B or Wilton 2D for this.

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