How to Create an Ombré Effect with an Airbrush

Learn how to airbrush on cake with our easy to follow steps. Tutorial by Shesto.

Image credit: ombre airbrush

Learn how to airbrush on cakes with our easy to follow steps. Tutorial by Shesto.

You will need:



  • 1 x 15cm (6in) barrel cake, filled and covered in white sugarpaste
  • 20cm and 25cm (8in and 10in) boards, stacked together andcovered in white sugarpaste
  • Cassie Brown airbrush colours: violet, pink and yellow
  • Cassie Brown airbrush
  • turntable
  • 8 x sterilised pins


Measure the cake and gently insert pins to mark 1/3 and 2/3 of the height. Repeat on four sides of the cake. This will be the guide for your airbrushing.


Using the turntable, carefully airbrush the bottom of the cake violet. Gently pull back on the trigger at a distance of 15cm (6in) while the cake is turning to get a light covering. Add more layers of colour to the bottom of the section and less to the top.The final colour should fade upwards, finishing just above the pin mark.


Spray the middle section of the cake pink, remembering to keep the airbrush at a 90° angle to cake. Spray down to the lower pin, overlapping the violet colour, and spray just above the upper pin line as before.


Finish the top of cake with a light coat of yellow. Again, spray from the pin line overlapping the pink in this section, and continue the colour over the top surface.


Colour the covered boards with pink and violet. Use pink to colour the top and sides of the smaller board, and violet around the larger board. Mount the cake onto the boards.

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