Moody Blues Airbrushed Cake Tutorial by Lisa Munro - Part One

Lisa Munro from The Airbrush Company has shared her Moody Blues Airbrushed cake tutorial with us and it's super stylish with an Ombré fade and perfect for Spring.

  Get Ombré fade and pastel-perfect for spring with this tutorial. Shared with us by the lovely Lisa Munro from The Airbrush Company, here we're going to take a look at how to make the stunning Moody Blues Airbrush cake. Divided into three parts, here we take a look at how to airbrush the cake itself. Follow the links at the bottom of the article to read on.   Preparation: Cover each tier and the cake drum with white sugarpaste and leave to dry overnight before dowelling and stacking the cakes together. Smooth over the joins connecting each tier and the drum with royal icing. Step 1: Mix Blue and Violet (50:50) with a few drops of White into a bottle to make a cornflower blue. Starting at the bottom of the cake, airbrush a light layer just above the base of the top tier. Tip: Avoid getting any paint on the top half of the top tier as this should remain white. Step 2: Build up the colour heavier at the bottom so the colour fades lighter as you get towards the top of the cake. This means spraying fewer layers on top of another as you work your way up the cake. Tip: Leave the cake to completely dry before moving onto the next step/applying the sticky masks. Step 3: Place a sheet of Ultra Mask over the bluebell templates provided. Using a sharp craft knife cut around the outlines. You should be able to use each mask at least 4 times. Step 4: Apply the sticky masks around the base of the bottom tier, spaced about 3 inches apart. I have alternated one large then one small template for a better effect. Tip: Airbrush in light layers inside the mask to avoid getting a heavy build-up of paint on the mask so you can reuse the mask over and over again. Step 5: Mix blue and violet (50:50) into another bottle, to make a deep blue and airbrush inside the masks. You will need to position the airbrush close to the cake surface to avoid getting overspray. Tip: If you’re not confident with your airbrushing then you may want to protect the cake from overspray using sheets of paper around the cut masks. Step 6: Place a sheet of Ultra Mask over the grass template provided. Using a sharp craft knife cut around the outline. You’ll need to cut this out a few times. Step 7: Using the same blue and violet (50:50) mix, airbrush inside the template. Repeat this all the way around the cake, overlapping the mask each time so there is no visible gap. Step 8: Attach ribbon around the cake board and the base of each tier. I have chosen 4 different shades of blue also fading from dark blue at the bottom to light blue at the top.

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To read some of Lisa's handy tips, links to products featured and step-by-step images click the link here.

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