How to create a chalkboard effect cake

Whether the kids have gone back to school or you're in need of a graduation cake, this quick chalkboard cake tutorial by Dani Brazier is perfect!

A little white edible dust mixed with rejuvenator spirit creates a fun chalky effect against black sugarpaste. Have fun playing around with what you can paint – this one’s for getting your junior bakers involved!

Top tips! 

  • The same chalkboard effect can be used on cupcakes. Cut 3in circles out in black sugarpaste and paint on the same way, then stick to buttercream swirls.
  • You can use coloured dust instead of white and add some coloured chalk sticks to the board for a colourful chalk effect. 

Find the full tutorial, which shows you how to stack and cover your cake, in the September 2021 issue of Cake Decoration & Sugarcraft magazine.

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You will need


  • Tiered 6in round cake covered in black sugarpaste
  • 60g white sugarpaste
  • Rejuvenator spirit
  • White edible lustre dust


  • Small no. 2 paintbrush
  • Cake smoother
  • Turntable


To create the chalkboard effect

Mix a small amount of white dust with rejuvenator spirit and mix to a thick paste. Now starts the fun of painting your chalkboard design on the cake.
Paint designs of your choice. Some ideas to paint on your cake: sums, letters, drawings, noughts and crosses, apple, pens and stationery.

To make the chalk

Take 60g white sugarpaste and roll into a sausage shape. You can use your cake smoother to ensure it doesn’t have any finger marks in. Roll your smoother over the paste.
Slice into sections that are a few inches in length. Roll again with the smoother to ensure the ends are neat and straight.
Adhere the little sticks of chalk to your cake board to finish.
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