Pink and Grey Marble Wedding Cake

Add style with on-trend pink marble wedding cake, grey and pops of pink by Marie McGrath from Marie’s Bakehouse. This tutorial is perfect for beginners.

Brought to you by Marie McGrath from Marie's Bakehouse

Add style with on-trend marble, grey and pops of pink by Marie McGrath from Marie’s Bakehouse.

Skill Level 1 of 3 (Perfect for beginners)

Covering the cake

  • Cover the 15cm (6in) and 20cm (8in) round cakes, using grey sugarpaste on the 15cm (6in) tier, and pale pink sugarpaste on the 20cm (8in) tier and stack the two tiers.
  • For the bottom tier, start with grey sugarpaste the same colour as the top tier. Roll it out into a large sausage and flatten slightly. Roll thin sausages of a darker grey and the different shades of pink, and push them into the large roll of grey sugarpaste. Fold the large sausage in half and roll it into a large sausage again, repeating the roll and fold a few times. Add more thin rolls of different coloured paste, then add a twist or two before folding again. Continue rolling and twisting until the colours have marbled together, but are not too mixed in. Roll out the paste and cover the 25cm (10in) tier. Stack the tiers together on the cake board and cover it in a deep pink sugarpaste.

Decorating the cake

  • Pipe a pearl border around the bottom of the 15cm (6in) and 25cm (10in) tiers.
  • Add the white ribbon around the bottom of the 20cm (8in) tier and tie a bow.
  • To make the wafer paper rolled roses, fold the A4 sheets in half lengthways, and then in half again. Open out the sheets and cut them into four long strips. On the matt side of the wafer paper, holding the strip lengthways, add just enough water (not too much or the paper will dissolve) to wet the bottom half of the strip. Starting at one end, roll the paper tightly to create the middle of the rolled rose. Once the middle is created, loosen the roll as you continue along the strip, so the flower opens up a little. Pinch the paper together at the bottom of the rose, where the water is, to stop it unfolding. When you reach the end of the strip, cut the top edge of it at an angle, so this blends in to the rest of the rose and you don’t get a sharp edge on the middle of the rose. Next add a second strip, keeping the rose looser as you roll. Leave it this size, or continue to use a third strip to make a larger rose. If you'd like to make coloured roses, mix a coloured dust with clear vodka and brush it on the top half of the wafer paper strips on the shiny side, making sure it is not too wet. Leave to dry for a minute or two and then wet the bottom half of the matt side and roll as before. Leave the roses to dry.
  • To attach the roses to the cake, use a sharp craft knife to cut the bottom of the rose away from the pretty rolled part at the top. Fix the flower to a disk of the same colour grey sugarpaste as the top tier, the same size as the bottom part of the flower. Using edible glue, attach the sugarpaste disks to the top tier of the cake.
  • Add a silver ribbon to the bottom edge of the drum board to finish the cake.
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