Silver Metallic Birthday Cake

With metallic hexagons and an embossed bottom tier, this cake by Lindsay Pemberton from Joyful Tiers is great for beginners to practice their skills. 

Do birthdays differently with this super shiny metallic birthday cake!

With metallic hexagons and an embossed bottom tier, this cake by Lindsay Pemberton from Joyful Tiers is great for beginners looking to practice their skills.

You will need

For the cake

  • 15cm (6in) diameter, 10cm (4in) deep cake covered in white sugarpaste
  • 20cm (8in) diameter, 10cm (4in) deep cake

To decorate

  • 800g (1lb 8oz) pale grey sugarpaste
  • 600g (1lb 4oz) white sugarpaste
  • a little royal icing
  • Sugarflair Black Extra
  • silver lustre dust
  • vodka or rejuvenator spirit


  • 25cm (10in) cake drum covered in light grey sugarpaste
  • rolling pin
  • pizza cutter
  • long ruler
  • metal impression mat (I used Fabricake Autumn Carpenter)
  • PME Geometric Hexagon cutter 31mm (1.25in)
  • paintbrush
  • flexible smoothers


Cover the base cake. Using the grey sugarpaste, cover just the top of the 20cm (8in) cake. Roll out a long enough strip of sugarpaste to reach around the 20cm (8in) cake.
Create the texture. Using a rolling pin, press the impression mat into the sugarpaste to give a metal impression finish. Trim to the height of your cake using a ruler and a pizza cutter.
Apply and trim the sugarpaste. Carefully roll up the sugarpaste and panel the side of the cake, taking care not to press too hard.
Trim the excess sugarpaste. 
Make and place the dark edge. Colour a little sugarpaste to a darker grey with the Black Extra, then using a cake smoother, roll out a long sausage.
With a little cooled boiled water to help it stick, add the long sausage to the edge of your cake to give a neat finish.
Mix some silver lustre dust with alcohol and paint the light grey sugarpaste to give a metallic finish.
Make the hexagons. Using a little white, light grey and dark grey sugarpaste, make three long sausages.
Twist the coloured sugarpaste together.
Roll the mixed sugarpaste.
Repeat these steps until you get a marbled sugarpaste. 
Cut out hexagons. Repeat with some light grey sugarpaste. 
Roll out some light grey sugarpaste and emboss a metal effect using the impression mat.
Cut out hexagons and paint with grey lustre paint.
Stack the white cake on top of the grey cake and gather all the different hexagons. 
Using cooled boiled water, stick the hexagons onto the top tier in a random pattern. 

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