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Learn how to make chocolate feathers with this guide from Food Thoughts! T

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These stunning chocolate feathers are guaranteed to tickle everyone’s fancy! They are easy and super fun to make, when you know how. Let your creativity take over as you design and create feathers to make any dessert or cake a masterpiece! You can make a variety of feather shapes using just a few items that you’re already likely to have in your kitchen. There is an extensive range of edible paint colours available, but check to make sure you use paints that are suitable for chocolate. Adhere feathers with melted chocolate to the sides (or top) of a cake (individually or in clusters), embed into the top of a soft dessert or icing, or why not serve them just as they are as chocolates after a dinner party? Food Thoughts has a range of Cacao Chocolate Melts available in Dark 70% or 100% and White 35% Cacao Chocolate – all perfect to use for drizzling, dipping and baking and, as they do not need tempering, they are also perfect for making fabulous decorations.

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