How to make spring cakesicles (popsicles): step-by-step tutorial

Celebrate the season with these fun and easy-to-make spring cakesicles by Dani Brazier, a.k.a. Blue Door Bakery. Happy decorating!

Celebrate the season with these fun and easy-to-make spring cakesicles (popsicles) by Dani Brazier, a.k.a. Blue Door Bakery. You can decorate them however you wish, so get creative and show us what you’ve been making using the hashtag #bakingheavenmag on social media!

You will need

To decorate

  • sprinkles of your choice (I used an Easter mix from Iced Jems)
  • Sweet Melts by Sweet Stamp
  • Confectioners Drip by Dinky Doodle
  • 100g (31/2oz) cake crumbs
  • 1-2 tbsp buttercream


  • cakesicle mould
  • cakesicle sticks


1. Start by melting the Sweet Melts on 20-second bursts in the microwave until melted. Keep stirring them well. Melting Sweet Melts 2. Place a tablespoon or two of Sweet Melts in the cakesicle mould and spread around and up the sides. Make sure there is a good covering all over and you can’t see any gaps. Adding Sweet Melts to cakesicles mould 3. Once it is fully covered, use a palette knife to scrape off any excess over the top. Scraping excess off cake mould 4. Continue to cover all four cakesicle slots with the Sweet Melts, then insert the cakesicle sticks. Use the guide to ensure they are all even, then put the mould in the fridge to firm up for 20 minutes. All cakesicle moulds covered 5. Crumble up your cake into crumbs, then add the buttercream and mix together until it resembles a dough. It should easily stick together once mixed. Crumbled cake sponge 6. Take the set cakesicles out of the fridge and gently press in the cake mixture, being careful not to crack the Sweet Melts. Fill this to around 5mm (1/4in) below the surface. Cake crumbs added to cakesicles moulds 7. Now add some more melted Sweet Melts to fill in the back. Gently smooth over with a palette knife and ensure all gaps are filled. Filling back of cakesicles with Sweet Melts 8. Once the cakesicle has been filled with the cake mixture, you can scrape away the excess. Place back in the fridge for 10-15 minutes to set. Scraping away excess 9. Once set, take the cakesicles out of the fridge. Gently peel back the mould at the top to release the cakesicle and push up from the bottom. Peeling back cakesicle moulds 10. Place the cakesicles onto some baking paper. Melt the drip in the microwave following the pack instructions. Once melted, slowly drizzle over the cakesicles. Adding drip to cakesicles 11. While the drip is still unset, add on some sprinkles of your choice. This will ensure the sprinkles will stick. Adding sprinkles to cakesicles 12. Complete all the spring cakesicles and allow to set before packaging up. Finished spring cakesicles

Tip! If you don’t want to use the Sweet Melts or drip, you can use white chocolate. Melt approx 40g (11/2oz) white chocolate per cakesicle and a little extra for the drizzle. You can colour the white chocolate with Colour Mill colours.
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