How to make ombre ruffles using fondant

In this tutorial, Julie Rogerson shows you how to create stunning ombre ruffles using fondant for any of your cakes!

Brought to you by Julie Rogerson

Perfect the art of creating sugar ruffles. By following these simple step by steps, you can adjust the ombre colour scheme to suit your theme!

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You will need


  • 1 kg of white sugarpaste
  • Turquoise or blue gel colour
  • Cornflour


  • Greaseproof paper for template
  • Scissors
  • Metal ruler
  • Flat paintbrush
  • Roller paste cutter


Ombre ruffles with fondant tutorial

Split 1kg of white sugarpaste into five amounts of 200g each. Use the same turquoise or blue gel to colour five different shades of paste, ranging from pale to dark, to create an ombre effect.
Measure and cut a piece of narrow greaseproof paper, to fit around each of the 6in and 8in cakes. Cut out a wavy pattern along one of the long edges of paper, making sure that either end finishes at the same height, to match at the join. This is your template.
Roll out the palest shade of sugarpaste in a long thin strip, to a thickness of approximately 2mm. Using your template as a guide (or you can cut the strip freehand if you prefer), cut out two strips of paste to the 6in round cake size. If easier, you can use a long ruler to make sure the bottom edge is cut straight.
Carefully roll up one of the strips, to make it easier to handle and apply to the cake. If your paste is sticky, dab a little cornflour on the surface before rolling to make sure it doesn’t stick to itself.
Use a large flat paintbrush to apply water to the sides of the 6in cake, to attach the strips of paste. Starting at the back of the cake, unroll the paste, securing into place as you turn the cake. Make sure the paste stands a little higher than the top edge of the cake.
Add the second strip a little further down the cake, making sure that it overlaps the first slightly. Gently stroke the top of the paste outwards a little with your finger, to give the wave effect. Cut out and add two strips of the next shade of paste, continuing to move down the side of the cake. For the final strip of paste, mix a little of the darker shade into the remaining paste, to continue the ombre effect. This last strip will be positioned so that the straight, cut edge aligns with the bottom of the 6in cake.
Repeat the same process for the 8in bottom tier, ending with the darkest colour resting on the cake board for the final layer.
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