Free Tutorial: Mother's Day Stylised Gerbera

Looking for a last minute showstopper for Mother's Day? Here's the perfect tutorial and template for you!

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Much as you love your mum, chances are you may have left things to the last minute and might be a little pushed for time when it comes to creating something special for Mother’s Day. This simple stylised Gerbera section may help you out! The centre of the flower was created out of discs cut out using a large circle stamper but you could always draw around a coin to make a template and cut out discs instead. You can also buy ready coloured wafer paper too.

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Mother's Day: Stylised Gerbera

By Carol Deacon

You will need

 2 x 15cm (6in) cakes
 1kg (2lb) sugarpaste: white
 wafer paper: pink and white
 edible dust colours: pink, yellow and green
 1 tbsp white royal icing
 20cm (8in) round covered board
 flower template include in tutorial
 pencil
 scissors
 circle stamper (optional)
 soft paintbrushes for dusting
 piping bag & no 2 or 3 piping nozzle


Click here for your template

1 To create a cake with height, split and buttercream your cakes as normal then stack the two cakes upon each other. Cover the cakes and board using about 1kg (2lb) white sugarpaste.

Stylised Gerbera step 1


2 Cut six petals out of the pink wafer paper using the template if necessary.

Stylised Gerbera step 2


3 Cut out about sixteen white discs for the flower centre.

Stylised Gerbera step 3

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4 Dust about five discs with yellow dust and the rest with green.

Stylised Gerbera step 4


5 Dust the petals with pink dusting powder.

Stylised Gerbera step 5


6 Using dots of royal icing, stick the petals in position against the cake.

Stylised Gerbera step 6


7 Arrange and stick the green discs in place. Stick the yellow discs in the centre and finish with a few piped dots. Pipe a thin snail trail around the base of the cake to finish.

Stylised Gerbera step 7



Don't forget to pick up your March 2019 copy of Cake Decoration & Sugarcraft for more Mother's Day inspiration! 


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