How to... create wafer paper flowers

Penny the Bee has 10 easy steps to making beautiful wafer paper flowers to decorate your cakes with.

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  • Wafer paper sheet Pair of scissor Edible pen
  • Fine brush
  • Water
  • Edible lustre Spray – Pearl
  • Sugar Flower paste – White Round cutter
  • Edible glue
  1. With your edible pen draw a spiral on your wafer paper. You can choose the size of your spiral, but I recommend to start with a big one as you can always cut out pieces later if the flower is too big.
    Now cut out the spiral following the lines. This is how your cut out spiral should look like.
  2. Now start rolling your spiral as shown in the picture. Be very gentle as the paper is very fragile and could break easily.
  3. When you have rolled all the wafer paper you should have a similar rose shape as in the picture.
  4. Open up your petals a little bit and fix them in the position you like most with a tiny bit of water. Tip: DO NOT use too much water or the flower will break immediately.
  5. Your flower looks like a rose now and you can use it as it is or, if you wanted to do like me, I cut out the inner part.
  6. I now have a flower with no centre where I can put some sugar pearls or other decorations.
  7. Now gently spray some pearl edible lustre dust to make your flower shine!
  8. You can create lots of different flowers with this technique and personalize them all. If you wish to make them more stable and secure them onto a cake you may want to attach a small round of sugar florist paste at the bottom of you wafer paper flowers.
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