How to Make Large Edible Wafer Paper Flowers

Make your cakes on trend with these chic edible wafer paper flowers, shown to you by Zoe Burmester.

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Brought to you by Zoe Burmester

Make your cakes on trend with these chic edible wafer paper flowers, shown to you by Zoe Burmester.

You will need:



  • metallic airbrush colour: pink (Magic Colours)
  • 2 sheets A4 wafer paper: white
  • small piece of sugarpaste: coloured gold with chocolate and lemon yellow gel colours (Magic Colours Pro Gel)
  • lustre dust: royal gold (Magic Colours)
  • small amount of white sugarpaste kneaded with a very small amount of CMC powder to strengthen it.
  • airbrush colours:blue(Magic Colours)
  • vodka or rejuvenator spirit
  • edible glue
  • airbrush machine
  • rolling pin
  • chevron stencil
  • scissors
  • steamer or kettle
  • food paint brush
  • smoother


Cut out five rectangles of pink wafer paper the same size.


Hold the rectangles together and freehand, cut a large petal shape.


Repeat this process with five smaller pieces and cut out a smaller petal shape. You should now have ten petals in total.


Take the larger petals and cut a small incision into the base of the petal.


Fold one edge over the other to create a curve in the base of the petal and adhere with a little water. Repeat with all five petals.


Take a small piece of gold sugarpaste, roll into a fat disc and one by one press the petals into it to create the flower. Stick the petals down to the paste using a little piping gel or edible glue.


Leave a few minutes to dry and then repeat with the inner circle of small flowers (there is no need to curve the inner petals).


Once the flower is dry, steam it gently over a steamer or kettle to manipulate the petals to curve outwards. Go gently and do not get it too wet!


Roll out the sugarpaste kneaded with CMC powder, and use your smoother to press the chevron stencil well into the paste.Use your airbrush to spray on top of the stencil making sure you spray vertically down to avoid lifting the stencil with the air. Leave to dry for a couple of minutes and then carefully lift away the stencil. Cut out a little circle centre using a cutter. Alternatively to save time and effort you could leave the centre a blank white or use a plain coloured piece of sugarpaste.


Stick into the centre of the flower with a dab of edible glue. Now mix up some more royal gold dust and vodka and paint the edges of the flower for accent.


Cut some freehand leaf shapes from any leftover wafer paper you have. Paint them in the same royal gold colour.


Assemble withe the leaves spraying out behind the flower.

Top Tip

  • When sticking wafer paper to itself, do not use too much water as it will simply disintegrate. If your paper is cracking, steam it gently over a kettle to rehydrate it slightly.

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