Gingerbread people

Festive cheer in a few easy steps!

Brought to you by FMM Sugarcraft

Who says gingerbread men are just a biscuit?! Not us. Here, gingerbread people decorate all manner of festive treats - and creating them just got super easy. The wonderful team at FMM Sugarcraft have created the cutter sets you'll need to create this (and many other!) Christmas treats. Below, you'll find out how to use them. It'll be like living in a wintery gingerbread people city in no time!

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You will need

For the cake:

  • 2 tier 15x13cm and 20x13cm cake & 30cm cake board covered in white sugarpaste, edged with white ribbon

To decorate:

  • FMM dab-a-dust (if required)
  • edible black sugar balls
  • Rainbow Dust edible black pen
  • royal icing


  • FMM Gingerbread People set
  • FMM Merry Christmas
  • FMM More Than a Bird House
  • FMM Cool Christmas tappit
  • FMM Straight Fill 5-8
  • FMM Essential Shapes
  • FMM Knife and Scribbler tool
  • non-stick mat
  • non-stick rolling pin
  • modelling paste (ginger, red, green and white)
  • water and paintbrush (or edible glue)
  • filler tool (small and large, to form a mouth)


The birdhouse:

Roll out ginger modelling paste. Using the More Than a Bird House cutter, cut out two of panels 1, 2 and 4. Dry for at least 48 hours. Roll out a strip of white modelling paste. Using the FMM Knife and Scriber tool, cut a straight edge down one side. Cut out a straight edge using the flower design straight edge frill cutter. Roll out red modelling paste and cut out a large rectangle using the FMM Essential Shapes and a large red bow from the FMM Gingerbread People set. Roll out white and green modelling paste and cut out a large circle in white, then a green circle using the next size down. Cut 2 thin strips of modelling paste in white and 1 small green bow from the gingerbread set. Once dry, assemble the house following the instructions on the pack, then attach the decorations.

Large gingerbread person:

Roll out ginger modelling paste. Cut out 2 large gingerbread people. Make a face by attaching black sugar balls for eyes and using the large frilling tool to emboss a smile. Roll out the green modelling paste and cut 3 bows. Roll out red modelling paste and cut a waistcoat and dress using the large decorating strip. Attach the waistcoat, 1 bow and 2 sugar balls to one. Add the dress, a bow to the waist, one to the top of the head to the other. Use water to attach.

Small gingerbread person:

Roll out ginger modelling paste. Cut out 1 small gingerbread person. Make a smile by using the small frilling tool. Roll out red modelling paste and cut out 1 small bow. Attach the red bow to the neck, then attach 2 black sugar balls in a line downwards, below the bow. Add the eyes once they are completely dry.

Merry Xmas/ snowflakes:

Roll out red modelling paste then, using the FMM Merry Christmas cutter, cut out the Merry Christmas inscription. Roll out white modelling paste, then using the FMM Cool Christmas tappit cut out 5 snowflakes.

Candy canes:

Make a sausage of white modelling paste and one of red. Twist the sausages together to make a red and white stripe sausage. Cut them to size, then shape them like candy canes. Make 7 candy canes. Note the candy canes on the gingerbread house and the ones in the centre of the bottom tier are slightly thinner. Roll out green modelling paste, then cut out 4 small and 3 large green bows. The small green bows are for the slightly thinner canes. Attach the bows to the canes with water.

Christmas trees:

Roll out green modelling paste. Cut out 3 Christmas trees using the FMM Christmas Tree cutter. Cut off the small stump at the bottom of each tree. Allow 2 of them to dry completely for 24 hours.

Assembling the cake:

Secure the gingerbread house to the top of the cake with royal icing, then attach the candy canes each side of the door. 
Secure the ‘Merry Christmas’ inscription to the front of the top tier cake with water. Using water, attach 1 of the Christmas trees below the letter ‘A’ and one of the larger candy canes below the letter ‘H’. 
Attach the large gingerbread people to the front of the bottom tier using water. Attach 2 small candy canes in the centre and 2 larger candy canes each side using water. Refer to the photo for reference. 
Using the black edible pen, draw 2 eyes on the dry small gingerbread person. Attach to the top of the cake. Wet the bottom edge of the feet with water and place on the top of the cake. Attach a small ball of paste behind each foot to help secure it. 
Wet the end of both of the dry Christmas trees with water and attach one to the top tier of the cake and one to the cake board. Using water, attach 2 snowflakes to the top and bottom tiers. Cut 1 in half and secure half on the top of the top tier with water, and the other half to the cake board.

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