How to Model Christmas Mice

These adorable figures are sure to add some festive cheer to your bakes!

Image credit: Christmas mice

These adorable figures are sure to add some festive cheer to your bakes!

You will need:

Edibles (for one mouse):


  • 60g (2oz) grey sugarpaste
  • 10g (1/3oz) white sugarpaste
  • 5g (1/8oz) black sugarpaste
  • 5g (1/8oz) pink sugarpaste
  • 5g (1/8oz) red sugarpaste
  • edible glue
  • a small sharp non-serrated knife
  • paintbrush
  • bone tool (optional)
  • small 2.5cm (1in) circle cutter (optional – you can just squash a small ball of sugarpaste to create a disk for the tummy)
  • a small rolling pin


To make a mouse body, mould approximately 30g of grey sugarpaste into a cone shape. Add a flat white sugarpaste disk for the tummy. To make the feet, cut a small grey sugarpaste oval in half and stick each half against the body. Press a few lines into each foot with the back of a knife.


To make the head, use approximately 20g of grey sugarpaste to create a thick grey diamond shape. Press two oval eye sockets into the head with a bone tool or the end of a paintbrush.


Stick two white ovals into the eye sockets and add two tiny black disks and two white dots as highlights.


To make the ears, make a small fl at grey disk and stick an even smaller pink disk on top. Flatten the two together then cut the disk in half. Bend each ear in half and stick onto the side of the mouse's head. Add a tiny pink dot for a nose.


Make a red sugarpaste triangle for the hat and stick on top of the head. Stick a thin white sugarpaste string around the base of the hat and a white dot on the top.


Make two thin grey sugarpaste strings for the arms and stick into place. Make a thin pink string for a tail and press a few lines into it with the back of your knife and stick at the rear of the mouse.


Vary the positions of the arms to add interest to your mice and create a bit of a story. They could be holding their hat in place on top of their head or waving at the viewer.

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