How to model Holly and Berries

The perfect addition to your Winter or Christmas bakes!

Image credit: Holly and Berries

The perfect addition to your Winter or Christmas bakes!

You will need:



  • 100g green modelling chocolate (Vera Miklas)
  • 50g red modelling chocolate (I used Vera Miklas fuchsia and added a little red gel paste)
  • edible glue (Squires)
  • dark green petal dust
  • confectioners glaze
  • edible glue
  • 26 gauge wire
  • florist tape
  • holly leaf cutter


Roll out some green modelling chocolate. Dust the inside of the cutter with cornflour to prevent sticking..


Press the plunger cutter into the modelling chocolate and wiggle to get a clean cut.


Check the edges of the cutter and remove any excess chocolate if necessary. Make three leaves.


Roll eight small balls of red modelling chocolate to create the holly berries.


Insert a 26 gauge wire into each berry.


Tape all the berries together using florist tape.


Paint the berries with confectioners glaze.


Mix the dark green petal dust with a little confectioners glaze and work into the holly leaves.


Tape two of the three separate berries to three leaves, and two to one of them. The two with three leaves tape to the central branch with the bird with the brown florist tape. The berry with two leaves should then be put into a small flower pick as it will be placed at the base of the cake.


Assemble the holly leaves behind the berries, use edible glue to stick them together if necessary.

Top Tip

  • If you are using these to decorate a Christmas Cake you can make the holly in advance so it's quick to assemble during the busy festive period!

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