Quick Christmas Cupcakes

Are you looking for some Christmas cupcake ideas? Check out these video tutorials for a beginner's basics guide to creating festive cupcakes.

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We're back with our friends at Cake Decorating TV (CDTV) to show you five fabulously festive cupcakes you can make this Christmas! Head over to CDTV to find more versions of these fantastic quick and easy cupcake designs!

For even more cupcake recipes and ideas, grab any issue of Cake Decoration and Sugarcraft magazine now!


Christmas Bauble Cupcake

Are you bursting with excitement for the festive season and feeling desperate for some inspiration? Have a look at the brilliant design for this bauble cake! Follow this tutorial to create really effective Christmas bauble cupcakes this year!


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Christmas Wreath Cupcake

Feeling the need for some Christmas wreath cupcake ideas? Have a go at this amazing Christmas wreath cake design! This video shows you how simple it can be to create really effective Christmas wreath cupcakes. 


Wrapped-up Present Cupcake

Check out this gorgeous gift cupcake design! This wrapped-up present cupcake is so versatile, meaning you can create presents in a rainbow of colours!


Gift-Tag Cupcake

Personalise your cupcakes this Christmas by creating these gift tag cupcakes for your friends and family!


Christmas Pudding Cupcake

Looking for a perfect Christmas pudding cupcake recipe? Well look no further! This quick and easy design is the perfect offering to bring to any festive party.



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