Halloween Cupcake Idea: Super Spooky!

A ghoulishly gorgeous variety of Halloween cupcake ideas!

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Are you as 'exor-cited' as we are about Halloween? Or are you having a last-minute panic on what to make for your ghoul-friends, all friends or trick or treaters? Keep your witch hat on, Cake Decoration & Sugarcraft and Katy Sue Designs have you covered with these brilliant Halloween fairy cake ideas! Check out this vamp-tastic variety of designs and learn how to create spider webs, tombstones, ghosts and more to adorn your Halloween cupcakes!

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Halloween Cupcake Idea:
Super Spooky!


You will need

chocolate or red velvet cupcakes in orange, black, green and purple cases
chocolate buttercream or chocolate ganache
one Oreo biscuit and one piece of fudge
edible pens: red and black
sugarpaste: white, black and brown
gel colour pastes: apricot, party green, autumn leaf, paprika and red or equivalent
Tylo powder
cornflour to dust moulds before use
edible glue

rolling pin
circle cutter (the same size as the top of your cupcakes)
small knife, cocktail stick, small paint brush

Katy Sue Design moulds: 
bat, stone, ghosts, spiders and webDesign Mats
Sugar Buttons dog – for the bones
arms set A for the hand
blossoms and birds for the black raven
pumpkin face
mini-domed alphabet
Maple leaves or Rose leaves


Make two white eyes with tylo treated sugarpaste using the pumpkin mould. Once dry, colour the pupil black with an edible pen and use a red to give a bloodshot effect. Cut out a circle of black paste for the top of the cupcake. Roll long strips of white sugarpaste for bandages and lay onto the black circle leaving enough space to glue eyes. Once mummified, add a spider made from black fondant treated with tylo. Use dots of green fondant for each of the spider’s eyes.


Make a ghost using white sugarpaste treated with tylo. Leave to dry. Make a black bat. Make some worms by rolling small pieces of fudge into worm shapes indenting with a knife to give a wrinkly effect. Make a tombstone by mixing black with white to give a stone colour. Using a knife, age the tombstone by adding cracks. Stick the bat to the tombstone with edible glue. Make white bones using the Sugar Buttons dog mould. Use a flesh colour to make the hand and wrist. Make some small leaves in autumnal colours. Flat ice the cupcake with some chocolate buttercream or ganache. Crush an Oreo biscuit and sprinkle over for soil. Attach tombstone to the back and glue the ghost in place. Stick the hand in the centre and paint fake blood in drips using red food gel. Place worms, bones and leaves on the soil.


Roll out grey sugarpaste and press onto the stone mat then cut two circles and leave to dry. Fill pumpkin mould, except for the stalk, with orange. Add a brown stalk and allow to extend onto the back of the pumpkin so it sticks to it. Remove and leave to dry. Add eyes, nose and mouth as desired. Use green tylo added supgarpaste for the tendril and wrap around a cocktail stick to create a spiral. Make a black raven using the largest bird from the bird mould and add green for the eye. Add stars, bats and bones and stick with edible glue to the stone circles.


Roll out green and press onto the spider’s web. Cut into circles. When dry, glue in place some spiders, bats, ghosts, stars, some bloodshot eyes as before, add some words (e.g. spooky, eek, boo) using the mini domed alphabet mould.


Choose an area of the mould that you want for your topper by offering up the circle cutter to the mould – only fill this part of the mould. Add in white ghosts with florist paste, black bats and autumn leaf coloured florist paste for the moon and stars. Then roll out some orange, place over the mould and roll over gently with a pin. Carefully remove and cut using the circle cutter.


Flat ice each cupcake with buttercream or ganache, then add the decorated toppers!



We hope you are satisfactorily spooked by these gorgeous Halloween cupcakes! If you haven't quite had your fill, don't forget to check out our brilliant tutorial to create Bouquet Cupcakes!

Check out our latest issue too for more inspiration across the seasons, with brand new artists, exciting techniques and cake decorating tutorials galore!




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