Valentine's Cakes

Love is in the air and it’s time to celebrate with one of these makes!

Buttercream Lovebirds

Buttercream lovebirds

Full to bursting with summer vibes, this tutorial will show you how to create this absolutely perfect buttercream lovebirds cake decoration.

Bee Mine cookies

Bee Mine cookies

The perfect Valentine's decorating project – Bee Mine cookies!

Cherub cupcake topper

Is this the most cutest Valentine's cherub cupcake topper ever?!

Decorated Valentine's biscuits

These beautifully decorated iced biscuits make the perfect Valentine's gift for everyone!

Free tutorial - Retro Vintage

Try a technical tutorial based around the colourful era of the 1950s!

How to Make Lovebug Cupcakes

These cute little bugs won't need to bite to capture your beloved's heart. Before creating your…

How to make geo cake hearts

These on-trend geo cake hearts by Dani Brazier of Blue Door Bakery are sure to impress a loved one!…

How to... make a Sugarpaste Rose for…

These roses look really professional but are quite simple to make

Love Bug Cake

Step-by-step: Valentine's Love Bug cake tutorial.

Ruffle Heart Pop Toppers

This genius and super quick way to add height and romantic drama to a cupcake is the work of mere…

Valentine's Cupcakes

These pretty isomalt hearts are surprisingly simple to create and make the perfect toppers for…

Valentine's heart cake tutorial

Learn how to create this heart cake for Valentine's Day with this simple step-by-step tutorial.