Bee Mine cookies

The perfect Valentine's decorating project – Bee Mine cookies!

Brought to you by Marie McGrath from Marie's Bakehouse

Super-cute and easy to make, these heart-shaped cookies by Marie McGrath from Marie’s Bakehouse are bee-rilliant!

Top tip! You can also use this design for ‘What will they bee?’ cookies for a baby shower!
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You will need

For the cookies

  • a batch of your favourite cookie dough

To decorate

  • sugarpaste (white, black and yellow)


  • heart-shaped cookie cutter
  • paintbrush
  • cooled boiled water
  • knife
  • baking paper and pencil
  • scissors


Bake a batch of your favourite cookie dough using a heart cutter.
Draw round the cookie cutter onto a sheet of baking paper. Draw a bee design like the one here inside the heart shape you have drawn. Cut out the bee body shape and the two wings.
Roll out the yellow paste and cut out the bee body shape, using the template.
Roll out the black paste, cut into thin strips, and stick them across the yellow body shape, leaving space for the face features. Trim the black strips at the edges.
Stick the body shape to the cookie with cooled boiled water.
Roll the white paste and cut out the two wings using the templates. Stick the wings to the cookie using cooled boiled water.
Roll two small balls of white paste into oval shapes, then stick them down for the eyes. Add two tiny balls of black paste on top. Roll a very small sausage of black paste and stick this down for the mouth.
To finish, roll two thin sausages of black paste and stick them down on top of the head.
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