Rainbow Heart Blossom Cake

Go colour crazy with this beautiful heart blossom cake by Rainbow Dust Colours.
You will need:

For the cake:

  • 10cm (4in), 13cm (5in), 15cm (6in), 18cm (7in) round cakes

To decorate:

  • Rainbow Dust ProGel - baby blue, lime green, orange, purple, red and yellow
  • Renshaw White Sugarpaste
  • Renshaw Royal Icing
  • Renshaw White Flower & Modelling Paste


  • 10cm (4in), 13cm (5in) & 15cm (6in) round 1mm thin boards
  • 25cm (10in), 1cm (½in) thick round cake drum board
  • piping bag & No.2 piping nozzle
  • small blossom plunger cutter
  • dowels
  • length of 15mm (¾in) spring green ribbon
  • glue stick
  • foam pad
  • 6 sizes of heart-shaped cutters for the top decoration (90mm (3½in), 80mm (3¼in), 60mm (2½in), 45mm (2in), 40mm (1½in) and 30mm (1¼in))
  • 2 sizes of heart-shaped cutters to emboss onto the cake, 30mm (1¼in) and 20mm (¾in)
  • wooden skewers (food grade)
1 Cover each cake separately, placing each one onto the same size board, except for the 18cm (7in), which needs to be placed onto the 25cm (10in) drum board. Leave overnight to firm. The next day, dowel and stack each tier using royal icing over the dowels to help secure each tier in place. 2 Pipe a snail's trail, using royal icing, around the base of each tier. Then, using the two smaller heart cutters, press carefully into the front of each tier of cake to emboss the outer line of the heart. Emboss either one, two or three heart shapes on each of the tiers. 3 Colour separate amounts of white flower and modelling paste using red, orange, yellow, lime green, baby blue and purple ProGel. Place each of the colours into a separate bag for later. 4 Using each of the colours in turn, roll and cut out all shapes using a small blossom plunger cutter. Push these out onto a firm piece of foam and leave to dry firm. 5 Using the six sizes of heart-shaped cutters and all colours of the flower and modelling paste, start with the largest size cutter and red flowerpaste to cut the first shape out. Dip a food grade wooden skewer into the edible glue, before inserting this through the centre of the red heart. Leave this to dry flat until firm. Repeat this process for the next size down using the orange, then yellow, lime green, baby blue and purple using the smallest size heart cutter. Once dry, insert the shapes into the top tier towards the back, starting with the large red heart. Secure each heart shape underneath with royal icing. 6 Starting from the base of the bottom tier first, start to secure the purple blossoms onto the cake using royal icing, making sure they are placed around the outline of the heart shape. Use this colour approximately halfway up the bottom tier, before starting to place the blue onto the cake and so on until you reach the top tier, carefully placing the blossoms around the embossed heart outline. 7 Add a length of green ribbon around the cake board, using a glue stick to secure in place.
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