Art Deco Wedding Cake

Two different shades of gold make this gorgeous Art Deco wedding cake by Hannah Wiltshire sparkle! Contrast the gold with a single pale colour.

How stunning is the gold detailing on this Art Deco wedding cake? Use these helpful steps to create your own.

Two different shades of gold make this gorgeous Art Deco wedding cake by Hannah Wiltshire sparkle! Contrast the gold with a single pale colour.
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You will need

For the cakes

  • three round cake tiers, all covered with pale eau-de-nil sugarpaste: 10cm (4in) diameter x 10cm (4in) high, 12.5cm (5in) x 5cm (2in) high, dowelled, and 15cm (6in) diameter x 10cm (4in) high, also dowelled
  • 1 x 20cm (8in) cake drum covered with some of the remaining eau-de-nil sugarpaste

To decorate

  • remains of the eau-de-nil sugarpaste
  • 100g (3½oz) petal paste/sugarpaste mix (50/50), coloured pale yellow
  • royal icing
  • small amount of royal icing, coloured yellow
  • sugar glue (dissolve a marble size piece of flower paste in half a tbsp of water)
  • 2 gold leaf transfer sheets
  • edible gold lustre dust
  • clear food grade alcohol
  • washi tape with Art Deco or gold design


  • mini rolling pin
  • circular cutter (65mm diameter)
  • circular cutter (40mm diameter)
  • icing sugar shaker
  • bowl (125mm diameter to cut around)
  • sharp knife
  • metal ruler
  • scalpel
  • circular cutters in various sizes
  • disposable piping bag
  • kitchen scissors
  • paintbrushes: fine, medium, soft dry


Roll out the remains of the eau-de-nil sugarpaste to a thickness of about 3mm (1/8in). Cut out a circle with the 65mm (2½in) circular cutter to make a plaque and rest the circle on a curved surface to dry.
To make the Art Deco sunburst frame, roll out the yellow paste and cut narrow strips about 5mm (¼in) wide in lengths of 5cm (2in), 4cm (1½in) and 3cm (1¼in). Arrange the strips around the same cutter that you used for the round plaque in a classic sunburst pattern and leave to dry out a little. You will need 8x5cm (3¼x2in), 16x4cm (6x1½in) and 8x3cm (3¼x1¼in) strips.
Research an Art Deco style monogram for your bride and groom's initials, then pipe it onto the circle using yellow royal icing and set aside to dry.
Assemble the cakes, securing them into position with royal icing. Fill any gaps between the cakes with royal icing, smoothing the icing with your finger.
Roll out more yellow sugarpaste and cut circles with the 40mm (1½in) cutter. Use a sharp knife to cut each circle in half and mark the indentation patterns as shown. Brush each half circle on the back with a little sugar glue and attach to the cake.
From the yellow paste, cut more strips roughly the same width as those cut for the sunburst design. Attach the strips vertically to the top tier as shown, with longer strips next to shorter ones in a pattern that echoes the style of the sunburst frame.
Paint a few of the strips with sugar glue and leave to dry until tacky. Use kitchen scissors to cut small strips of gold leaf (still attached to the backing paper to start with), then press onto the tacky strips and pull away the backing paper leaving the gold on the cake. Use a soft dry brush to brush away any loose pieces of gold.
Attach the plaque to the cake with some royal icing and arrange the starburst formation in front of the cake so you can visualise how it will look when it is in place.
Use the 65mm (2½in) cutter to cut the ends of clusters of three yellow strips – this will make them fit neatly around the plaque.
Brush a little sugar glue onto the back of the strips and fix onto the cake. Concentrate on the main cluster of 5, 4 and 3cm (2, 1½ and 1¼in) strips first and fill in with the shorter strips (you may need to cut these to fit around the frame).
Use the same gold leaf technique to decorate some of the sunburst rays.
Mix gold lustre dust with clear alcohol and paint all of the rays, half circles and strips that haven't been decorated with gold leaf. You may need to use a fine tip paintbrush to paint the piped monogram.
Trim the base board with geometric patterned washi tape and present on a gold stand!

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