Burlap and Lace Wedding Cake

With its boho design and the delicate touch of lace and sugar flowers, it’s sure to turn heads.

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This simple contemporary cake will teach you how to use Burlap ribbons to achieve Burlap roses and bows. Burlap is another word for hessian and it can add a touch of boho elegance to any wedding day. With its rustic design and the delicate touch of lace and sugar flowers, it’s sure to turn heads. Tutorial by Kerry Bainborrow.

You will need:



  • 10cm (4in) deep round sponge cakes 10, 20, 25cm (4, 8, 10in) buttercream coated
  • 12.5cm (5in) deep round sponge cake 15cm (6in) buttercream coated
  • sugarpaste 3.5kg (7.7lb) ivory (Renshaw)
  • flower paste 50g (2oz) raspberry, 25g (1oz) white, 25g (1oz) green (Squires)
  • royal icing
  • edible glue (Squires)
  • Trex
  • dust colours plum, spring green, foliage green (Sugarflair)
  • drum board 32cm (13in) (Doric)
  • round thin board 10, 15, 20cm (4, 6, 8in) (Doric)
  • rolling pin large and small (CelCakes)
  • side smoothers (Edgers)
  • cake smoother (PME)
  • plastic dowels x 9 (Doric)
  • ball tool (Kemper)
  • blade tool (PME)
  • foam pad
  • grooved rolling board (Orchard Products)
  • paintbrushes for dusting flowers
  • wires green 22 gauge (Hamilworth)
  • wires white 26 gauge (Hamilworth)
  • wires gree 24 gauge (Hamilworth)
  • florist tape green (Hamilworth)
  • rose cutter (FMM RP2)
  • rose cutter (FMM RP2A)
  • medium rose leaf cutter (Tinkertech)
  • large calyx cutter (FMM – R11C)
  • jasmine cutter (PME)
  • posy pick medium
  • glue gun
  • sharp scissors
  • Tweezers
  • double sided tape
  • 30mm hessian jute ribbon 7 metre(Fantastic Ribbons)
  • 15mm Ethel lace ribbon 5 metre(Fantastic Ribbons)


Cover the 32cm drum board in ivory sugarpaste and leave to harden overnight. Moisten the board with a little water to help the icing adhere.


Cover all of the sponge cakes in ivory sugarpaste.


Attach the largest cake to the cake board using a little royal icing.


Insert a plastic food grade dowel into the cake, mark the dowel with to the height of the cake. Remove and cut. Cut two more dowels to the same height. Insert these three dowels into the cake in a triangular shape supporting the tier above. Repeat for the next two tiers.


Cut the 30mm hessian ribbon to size, to fit around the base of each tier and attach with a few dots of royal icing.


Overlay this with the same length of the Ethel lace ribbon again attaching with a few dots of royal icing. Repeat for all cake tiers.


Make four hessian bows for the back of the cakes. Cut hessian ribbon to 8cm lengths, attach a strip of double sided tape to the back and fold in both edges to the centre. Attach to the back of the cake with a little royal icing.


Make a burlap bow. Take a 60cm length of hessian ribbon and tie a simple bow, neatening as you go along. Cut a “V” into the bottom of the loose tassels and attach with royal icing.


To make the roses cut a 22 gauge green wire into two and make a hook on the end of each one. Take the raspberry coloured flower paste and make two cones approximately 2cm tall x 1.5cm wide. Dip the hooked end of the wire into edible glue and push the cone onto the wire making sure that it is secure. Put aside to dry.


When the cones are dry roll out some raspberry coloured flower paste to approximately 1mm – 2mm thick and cut out 6 x (RP2) rose petals. Using the ball tool and your foam pad, soften around the top and side of the petal edges.


Using edible glue on the petals, attach the first petal so that it completely covers the cone. With the second petal do the same except leave the back edge unattached as the next petal will need to sit underneath this one. Repeat this step for the remaining four petals and set aside to dry.


When the roses are dry, roll out some more raspberry coloured flower paste to approximately 1mm – 2mm thick and cut out five more rose petals using cutter number (RP2A); repeat the step above and leave to dry. Using a soft brush use plum dust colour to shade.


Roll out some green flower paste and cut out a large calyx. Put your calyx onto the foam pad and ball the edges to soften. Insert the wired rose through the centre of the calyx and attach to the underside of the rose.


Using a soft paintbrush dust the calyx using foliage green dust.


To make the rose leaves using the grooved flower board, roll out some green flower paste to approximately 1mm thick over the grooves. Cut out five leaves, take 26 gauge green wire and insert this into the groove on the leaf to about three quarters of the way up. Ball on a foam pad to soften edges and dry. Dust with foliage green.


To make the small white filler flowers, cut a 26 gauge white wire into three pieces. Dip each wire into the edible glue and attach a small piece of white flower paste onto the end of each wire and put aside to dry. Roll out white flower paste thinly and cut out six jasmine petals. Ball to soften petals and attach to centres.


Cut a piece of 30mm hessian ribbon to 60cm. Fold it over length ways and twist in a circular motion to create the centre of the burlap rose.


Using the glue gun stick the ribbon down onto the twisted section and repeat this twisting circular motion, gluing at stages until the rose is complete. Take a 24 gauge green wire and cut into two pieces. Make a hook on the end of each wire and insert through the centre of the burlap rose.


Tape the flower spray together using green florist tape and insert the spray into a plastic posy pick.


Push the flower spray into the cake at an angle bending the wires slightly as you go until you are happy with the way it is sitting. Then attach the burlap bow which you made earlier with a little royal icing to sit behind the flower spray.


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