Spring Wedding Cake

Make a bold statement with this striking cake by Rainbow Dust Colours. This tutorial will teach you how to make roses and marble sugarpaste.

Make a bold statement with this striking cake by Rainbow Dust Colours

Spring Wedding Cake

You will need

For the cake

  cakes: 15cm (6in) round x 13cm (5in) deep, 20cm (8in) round x 8cm (3in) deep & 25.5cm (10in) round x 8cm (3in) deep



To decorate

3.6kg (6lb 9oz) white sugarpaste

  tylo powder

  edible glue

  white paint

  small amount of royal icing

  ProGel – black, orange, yellow & lime green


  33cm (13in) round x 12mm (½in) thick cake drum board

  15cm (6in) & 20cm (8in) round 1mm thin cake boards


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  90mm (3½in) heart shaped cutter

  dried gypsophila (made up into small bunches using white florist tape)


  glue stick


Making Marble Sugarpaste 1. Keep 250g (9oz) of the white sugarpaste to one side for later, then colour three 150g (5½oz) balls of white sugarpaste using orange, yellow and lime green ProGel. Roll each of the colours into a sausage shape, including the white, and keep all of the shapes together. Then, holding the two ends together, twist the colours together and fold in half. This gives the sugarpaste a marble effect. Roll out onto a dusted work surface and cover the 20cm (8in) cake. Leave all cakes to firm overnight. Dowel and stack the cakes using a little royal icing over each of the dowels to secure the cakes in place. The remaining marble sugarpaste can be used to cover the cake board around the bottom tiered cake. 2. Colour approximately 100g (3½oz) of white sugarpaste using lime green ProGel and 500g (1lb 1oz) of white sugarpaste using orange ProGel, adding 1 teaspoon of tylo powder to knead into the orange sugarpaste, then leave this to one side for later. Using the lime green sugarpaste first, roll this into a thin sausage shape using a smoother to help keep the shape even. Brush edible glue around the base of each tier, and place the shape around, trim to fit and secure the ends with edible glue. Repeat this process for each tier.

Making the flowers 1. With the orange sugarpaste that was made earlier, make up a small cone shape. To create the petals, make up seven small balls and place these into a polythene bag. 2. Using a separate polythene bag, place one of the sugarpaste balls into the bag and press down using your thumb, smoothing half way around the outer edge to create the petal shape.


3. Wrap this petal around the cone to create a bud. Repeat this process for the next two petals; wrap one petal around the first petal then place the next petal opposite the first, overlapping slightly. 4. Place the next four petals around the cone evenly, positioning each petal half way over the previous petal, and trim the bottom if needed. 5. Make up nine large roses and two small buds, placing five roses onto the top tier. Place two large roses and a bud onto the base of the top tier and the same again onto the base of the second tier, using edible glue to secure in place. Secure the roses onto the cake while they are still soft.

Covering the board and cake

1. Place both the 15cm (6in) and 20cm (8in) round cakes onto the same size boards using a little buttercream underneath to secure each cake in place. Put the 25.5cm (10in) cake onto the 33cm (13in) round drum board, then split and fill each cake with a layer of jam and buttercream. Apply a thin layer of buttercream around each cake and top, then put in the fridge to chill. This will help to keep the cake in place while you cover it with sugarpaste.

2. Colour approximately 2kg (4lb 4oz) of white sugarpaste using black ProGel, then roll it out and cover the 15cm (6in) and 25.5cm (10in) round cakes only. Roll out the remaining black sugarpaste and cut out a heart shape. Leave to one side to firm up.   3. Using a small paint brush and white paint, paint lines around the top tier to create a wood-like effect. Use the same white paint to paint swirls around the bottom tier. Leave to dry for approximately one hour.

4. Secure the black heart shape you cut out earlier onto the top tier with edible glue. Roll out a small amount of lime green sugarpaste into a sausage shape, using a smoother to keep it even, and secure around the heart shape with edible glue. Paint a design and inscription onto the heart shape using white paint.

5. Complete the finished look by adding bunches of gypsophila in between the roses on the top tier and the base of the top tier and second tier. Add a length of ribbon around the board, using a glue stick to secure in place.

This tutorial is by Rainbow Dust Colours

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