Chocolate drizzled doughnut cupcakes

A recipe that combines cupcakes AND doughnuts? Yes please!

Shared with us by Cake Décor, this recipe is super-simple, and creates treats that are perfectly proportioned - and are sure to impress at any upcoming bake sale! Ingredients:
  • A batch of freshly baked chocolate cupcakes
  • Cake Décor Milk Choco Writer
  • A selection of bright sprinkles (we chose multi-coloured hundreds & thousands and strands to decorate our doughnuts)
  • Vanilla buttercream
  • Mini doughnuts
  • Piping bag
  • Large round nozzle
  • Measuring jug/large glass
  1. Spoon the vanilla buttercream into a piping bag with a large round nozzle, and pipe onto the chocolate cupcakes. You’re looking to create a flat base for the doughnuts to sit on, so a large and open nozzle is best for this.
  2. To prepare the Cake Décor Milk Choco Writer, place it in a measuring jug or large glass of boiling water and leave to melt for 2-3 minutes. Once the Cake Décor Milk Choco Writer has softened, carefully lift it out of the water, unscrew the cap and snip off the tip of the nozzle with scissors.
  3. Use the Cake Décor Milk Choco Writer to drizzle and create a drip effect on the mini doughnuts.
  4. Before the chocolate sets, sprinkle your favourite multi-coloured decorations on top.
  5. Place the chocolate drizzled mini doughnuts on top of the frosted cupcakes, and enjoy!

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