Turquoise bunny cake

Make this cute bunny cake by Lyndsay Sung from Coco Cake Land in any colour you like for a child's birthday party, or frankly, any gathering that could...

Brought to you by Lyndsay Sung from Coco Cake Land

Try recreating this beautiful bunny cake from Coco Cake Land...

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You will need

For the cake:

  • 1 cake recipe of your choice
  • 3 20x5xcm round cake tins

To decorate:

  • vanilla buttercream
  • 1/4 tsp gel food colour in turquoise
  • 13 cm ball of white sugarpaste
  • 2.5 cm pink sugarpaste
  • 5 cm ball of black sugarpaste
  • cornflour


  • piping bag fitted with a multi-opening nozzle
  • small to medium-sized circle cutter
  • wooden skewer cut into 2 equal pieces
  • chopstick


Prepare the cake

Bake the three layers of cake according to your recipe instructions. Tint the buttercream with the turquoise gel colour. Level, fill, then frost your cake to the crumb-coat stage using the turquoise buttercream.
Fill your piping bag fitted with the multi-opening tip with the remaining buttercream.

Pipe the fur

Starting at the bottom edge of the cake, hold the piping bag at a 90-degree angle against the cake and squeeze in short spurts to create frosting dots in a line from bottom to top. Continue piping lines all the way around the cake, nestling the lines closely together. Pipe the top of the cake in the same manner, working in circles from the outside to the centre, until the entire cake is covered in fur.

Make the features

Clean and dry your hands completely. Using a small amount of cornflour to prevent stickiness, roll out the white sugarpaste to a 3mm (1/8in) thickness. With the small circle cutter, punch out two circle shapes for the bunny cheeks and set aside. Reserve two tiny balls to make eye highlights. Reform the remaining sugarpaste into a ball, then divide it in two.
Pull off a 3mm (1/8in) piece of the pink sugarpaste to make the nose. Roll it into a ball, then flatten slightly with your fingers while gently pulling it into an oblong shape.
With the remaining white and pink sugarpaste, make two ears. The pink sugarpaste should be used for the inner ears. Shape them into bunny ears by making them oblong rather than pointed and use a tiny amount of water to adhere. Insert a wooden skewer piece into the bottom of each ear.
Divide the black sugarpaste in half. Reserve one half for whisker making; divide the other half into two equal balls for the KIDS eyes. Make two eyes with white highlights by forming two equal-size balls. Press each ball down gently to flatten to about 5mm (¼in) thickness. You can use a toothpick tip's worth of water to adhere tiny white sugarpaste highlights to the eyes. Divide the remaining black paste into four pieces, rolling each into long, thin snakes for whiskers. 8 Now let’s put the face on the cake. Press the cheeks gently into the cake at the bottom edge of the cake side. Add the nose by pressing it gently into the buttercream. Press the black eyes into the buttercream. Since we are working on the side of the cake, gently press them in enough to adhere.
To apply the whiskers, I use a chopstick. I dip my chopstick into a little bit of water, paint a tiny amount of water onto the white cheek where I will add my whisker, then I put the whisker in place, holding it there for 30 seconds. I then gently press the part of the whisker that reaches past the cheek into the buttercream to help it stick. Do the same with the remaining three whiskers, two for each cheek. 10 Finally, add the ears! Looking down at the top of the cake, I find the halfway mark and place the ears just in front of that mark, set apart from each other. Using your piping bag filled with buttercream, pipe short spurts of fur along the edges and backs of the sugarpaste ears.

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