Decorated ice cream cookies

A summer staple without the brain freeze, these decorated ice cream cookies are a great way to keep the kids entertained over the holidays...

Cookie art is becoming increasingly popular, so in this tutorial Jacqui Kelly shows you how you can make and decorate fantastic cookies with a fun summer theme... ice cream!!

Top tip! "Always practise with your piping bag and RI (royal icing) to check the consistency and to loosen up your piping hand. It'll ensure your work improves too!"

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You will need


  • 1x batch sugar cookies
  • Teddy bear brown, pastel green and white sugarpaste (Renshaw Ready to Roll)
  • Royal icing (Renshaw Ready to Use)
  • Piping gel
  • Ivy green, rose, milk chocolate and lemon tart (Rainbow Dust)
  • Red and yellow progels (Rainbow Dust)
  • Silver metallic paint (Rainbow Dust)


  • Ice cream and ice lolly cutters
  • Paintbrush
  • Dusting brush
  • Palette knife
  • Small bowls to mix royal icing
  • Piping bags (just snip the ends or use a No.1 nozzle)
  • Small kitchen knife
  • Small rolling pin
  • Dresden tool
  • Cocktail stick


Bake the cookies

Using a sugar cookie recipe, bake off the cookies using the ice cream and lolly cookie cutters. If you don’t have any suitable cookie cutters at home you can print off some outlines and cut around these instead.

Raspberry ripple ice cream cone cookie

Knead well, then roll out the brown sugarpaste and cut out the cone shape using the same cutter as your cookies. Brush on a little piping gel onto the cookie and manipulate the shapes to fit. Using a cocktail stick, press down to emboss the diamond pattern.
Dust lightly along the line with a little chocolate coloured dust to heighten the pattern.
Take a little royal icing from the tub. Add a couple of drops of water and some brown progel to mix up a soft brown colour piping constancy. Using a small piping bag, pipe along all the lines you embossed.
Once dry, you can take royal icing straight from the tub as it is a wonderful thick constancy and without adding any water, spread it straight onto your cookie in swirls to resemble the texture of ice cream.
Add a small sausage of brown paste, embossed with lines and dusted with chocolate coloured dust to create a ‘chocolate flake’.
Once dry, dust on a little rose dust to resemble a raspberry ripple and add coordinating sprinkles to finish.

Lime ice lolly cookie

Cut out a brown stick and a pastel green lolly shape from sugarpaste and stick in place with piping gel. Emboss the stick with a few lines to look like wood using the spine of a Dresden tool.
With the thick end of the Dresden tool, emboss a line at the bottom and under the indents at the bite mark into the lolly paste. Pipe white royal icing into these indents or use white sugarpaste to reveal the ‘ice cream’ centre to the lolly pop.
With a little green dust, brush around the edges of the lolly and add two lines vertically down to shadow the traditional lolly shape.
Create small indents and glue in sugar balls and sprinkles to finish.

Ice cream sundae cookie

Knead and roll out white sugarpaste and cut out the sundae dish. Attach with piping gel. Add a thin sausage of paste at the top and indent some lines into the body to create the dish shape.
With silver metallic paint, add the shading between the embossed lines to make it look like glass.
Take a little icing from the tub, add a few drops of water and mix well. Fill a small piping bag with the piping consistency royal icing and pipe along all the embossed lines and a complete dish outline.
Add tiny amounts of yellow and red progel colours to the RI (royal icing) but no water, as you want the ice cream icing to be thick and textured. Using a palette knife, swirl on the two colours of icing. Allow them to dry and then dust using a darker shade around the edges of the ice cream shapes.
Mix up a dark chocolate coloured RI with brown progel colour and pipe on some ‘chocolate sauce’ drips and topping.
Add sprinkles to the RI while wet and finish by creating a cherry with a little red sugarpaste, adding a brown stalk, or pipe on a cherry with red royal icing.
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