Mother's Day biscuits she's guaranteed to love

The fastest way to anyone's heart is through their stomach, so learn how to make and ice stunning biscuits for Mother's Day and show a mum just how special she truly is.

Brought to you by Jacqui Kelly from Totally Sugar

Combine your baking and decorating skills and create some delightfully delicate Mother's Day biscuits that are guaranteed to please mums across the globe. 

These cute and creative cookies from the brilliant Jacqui Kelly are the perfect starting point for an abundance of Mother's Day biscuit ideas - feel free to improvise and add different biscuit shapes to your heart's content. You can always try spelling out your loved one's proper or preferred name instead - there's nothing to stop nanas, grandmas, grannies and more enjoying these tremendously tasty treats.

Plus, you can also use creating these delicious biscuits for Mother's Day as a beginner’s guide to royal icing techniques, including piping and flooding, to hone your skills or perhaps even learn some new ones. Don't worry, we won't tell if you have to start over and eat the incriminating evidence!


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Spring is the best season to celebrate everything gorgeous in the world, so creating and decorating bloomin' beautiful biscuits for Mother's Day just makes sense! 

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You will need


  • 1x batch sugar cookie dough with peach magic potions flavouring by Magic Colours
  • Royal icing (Dawn Parrot pre-mix from The Cake Decorating Company was used here)
  • Small amount of flower modelling paste (Renshaw)
  • Olive green, bazooka pink, grape violet and skin tone ProGels (Magic Colours)


  • Small palette knife
  • No. 1 and no. 2 piping nozzles (PME)
  • Small piping bags in baking parchment
  • Scissors
  • Metal tip scribe
  • Coffee or tea pot shaped cookie cutter
  • Small heart and flower cookie cutters
  • Paintbrush
  • Flower Pro by Katy Sue
  • Filler flower mould by Nicolas Lodge


Prepare your template

Print out the letter ‘M’ in upper case in whichever font appeals, to use as a template. Re-size it so it matches the coffee pot cutter and cut around the outline.

Make the biscuit dough

Mix up a batch of sugar cookie dough - this recipe uses peach flavouring instead of vanilla. Roll out to 4mm thickness and, using your template, cut round neatly with a craft knife.

Cut out the shapes

Cut out the coffee pot shape and press down on top to extend the dough around the lid to act as a base for the flowers. In the excess paste, cut a few hearts and flowers.
Top tip: You can also freeze any excess dough, tightly wrapped in a plastic bag until next time

Bake the biscuits

Bake in the oven for approximately 12 minutes on baking parchment. Let the Mother's Day biscuits cool on the baking tray for five minutes before removing the baking paper and cooling on a wire rack. This will allow them to firm up so they won't break so easily when you first move them.

Prepare the royal icing

Make up your royal icing, you can do this from scratch or use a packet mix. For these biscuits you will need a firm outline icing and a flood icing which has a soft consistency, so when you pull a knife through it the edges will flow back together between the count of 15-20. Divide up into bowls and, using tiny amounts on a cocktail stick, colour your icing to the shades you would like. Add bazooka pink and a tiny drop of skin tone to make it softer and peachier. Cover immediately with cling film touching the icing, allowing no air gaps and a damp cloth over the top.
Top tip: Use your mixer paddle rather than the whisk. It produces fewer air bubbles and helps stop it separating.

Piping technique

Insert a no. 1 nozzle into a small piping bag and fill it with the firm consistency royal icing. Pipe the outline around all of the shapes in the appropriate colours. Remember to use a fine damp paintbrush as a trick to rectify any wobbles!

Flooding technique

Let down the remainder of each colour to the softer flood consistency and fill in the shapes. For this you don't need a nozzle in your bag but cut a generous hole to allow the icing to flow quickly but always under control.
Flood each shape up to the edge of the outline piping and use the metal scribe to pop any air bubbles and evenly distribute the icing.

Glossy finish

To create a glossy finish, dry your icing under an angled lamp that creates a little heat.

Further decoration

Draw out the floral design you would like on your template and either prick through with the scribe or sketch lightly with an edible pen so that there are outlines to follow if you don't feel confident to pipe freehand.
Put the no. 2 nozzle into a bag and add the softer constancy icing. Touch down inside the floral outline, then add pressure to the bag to fill a petal shape with a contrasting colour. Leave the petals either side until the first is dry so that you will highlight each petal form in turn. Move from one petal on each flower to each letter and then go back to the start and add the next petal and so on.
Add in the other colours and manipulate the icing so that each petal touches but does not overlap. On each colour, add in the little buds and detail the coffee pot as well.
With the green firm icing, pipe on curved floral stems with the no. 1 nozzle to link the buds and flowers. Leave the Mother's Day biscuits to dry for a couple of hours.

Make small flowers and leaves

Add cornflour to the Flower Pro mould and colour up the flower modelling paste using the ProGels that were used in the royal icing. Mould a variety of tiny flowers to decorate the top of the coffee pot. I used the green in the large open flower to create small leaves.
Top tip - check out our articles on using fondant moulds if you're not fully confident in using moulds.
With a little royal icing in a bag, attach the leaves first and then the flowers to burst out of the top of the coffee pot. Pinch and squeeze the flowers to give them a little life-like movement.

Finishing touches

Using a fine paintbrush, paint on the flower centres using the ProGels, flicking from the centre outwards. Use as little water as possible, as this can eat into your royal icing. Add some colour to the moulded flowers as well to bring them to life and don't forget the piped buds. Pipe tiny dots into the centres of the piped flowers.
We guarantee no mum will be able to resist these gorgeous biscuits for Mother's Day. Don't forget, you can always mix up your decorations and try a different shape for the centre - perhaps a large flower or gardening bucket bursting with flowers? The possibilities are endless!
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