Fondant crab & starfish cake toppers tutorial

Learn how to make a fondant (sugarpaste) crab and starfish, the perfect toppers for your 'under the sea' themed cakes in this tutorial by Marie McGrath...

Brought to you by Marie McGrath from Marie's Bakehouse

Bring your sea-themed design to life with these cute characters made using fondant (a.k.a. sugarpaste). In just six quick and easy steps, you'll learn how to model a fondant crab and starfish – ready to put atop cakes and cupcakes. 

Want to make some friends to keep them company? You can find the full tutorial showing you how to make a fondant octopus and more in the July 2021 issue of Cake Decoration & Sugarcraft magazine

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You will need


  • Covered 6in cake (I used white and two shades of blue sugarpaste to create a marbled effect – I twisted them together and rolled them out to create the effect, without mixing them together too much to create a block of colour)
  • White sugarpaste coloured with orange, red, white and black gels
  • Edible glue


  • 10in cake board covered in yellow sugarpaste
  • Paintbrush
  • Dresden tool
  • Ball tool
  • Mouth tool
  • Small circle cutters


Fondant crab cake topper

Roll a smooth ball of red sugarpaste for the body and roll this slightly to make a short sausage. Roll eight small tapered sausages in red sugarpaste, six for legs at the sides of the body and two for a pair of legs at the back of the body. For this last set, bend the legs in towards each other. For the pincers, roll two tear drop shapes in red sugarpaste. Flatten them slightly, and bend them in towards each other. Cut a slit in each one at opposite sides. Open out the two sides. Stick all the pieces underneath the fat sausage body.
To make the crab’s eyes, roll two small balls of red sugarpaste, flattening one side of each. Roll two balls of white sugarpaste, which when flattened are the same size as the flattened side of the red balls. Stick the flat white circle to the flattened side of the red shape. Roll two tiny balls of black and stick these to the bottom edge of the white circle.
Stick the eyes close to each other on top of the crab’s body. Add a smile using the mouth tool.

Fondant starfish cake topper

Roll a smooth ball of orange sugarpaste. Flatten it with either your hands or a rolling pin to about 5mm. To make the shape, you can either use a star cutter, and then smooth the edges and points with the tip of your finger, or cut a rough star and finish shaping the sugarpaste free hand into a smooth-edged star shape.
For the eyes, roll a small ball of white sugarpaste into a short fat sausage, flatten this as you stick it into place on the face. Roll small black balls of sugarpaste and stick these at the bottom of the white shape. Finally roll tinier balls of white sugarpaste and stick these at the top right-hand side of the black circle. Use the mouth tool to press in a mouth shape.
Add some texture by sticking small balls on the front of the star and using the small ball tool to add indents for the suckers.
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