How to Make Elephant Cupcake Decorations

The perfect addition to an Asian inspired cake, or gift for an elephant lover!

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The perfect addition to an Asian inspired cake, or gift for an elephant lover!

You will need:



  • brown modelling paste
  • three different coloured modelling pastes for decoration (we've used bright orange, pink and blue here)
  • edible glue
  • violet food dust (Squires)
  • Lindy's Asian elephant (Lindy's Cakes)
  • rolling pin
  • knife
  • Dresden tool
  • cutting wheel
  • paint brush
  • embossing sticks, micro designs, set 5 (Holly Products)
  • piping tubes numbers 1, 1.5, 16,17 and 18 (PME)


Roll out the brown modelling paste and cut out six elephants. Smooth and round the edges of each elephant using the warmth of a finger.


Take a Dresden tool and make indents between the legs and the bellies. Add mouths, marks to the trunks, eyes and finally toes.


Load a paintbrush with violet food dust and brush around the indents to help the elephants look more three dimensional.


To create the elephant's robes, start by cutting out elephants from your choice of modelling pastes. Next, take a cutting wheel and cut out the required shapes by referring to the step photo.


Emboss the edges of the shapes using the micro designs stick embossers, the set includes six different designs so mix and match and experiment to see what patterns you can create.


Cut the next layer, again using the elephant cutter as a starting point. Adjust your cuts to fit and emboss as before. Layer up the pieces as shown and attach to your elephants ensuring that the robes go over the top cut edge of the backs and heads of your elephants.


Cut six ears from brown modelling paste, using the elephant ear cutter. Stick in place as shown and add movement to by adjusting the ear shapes with a finger.


Add more decorative elements using piping tubes to cut out circles, the sugar shaper to create tassels and a craft knife to cut strips to hold the robes in place and to go around the feet.

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